What your Ca Va shot choice says about you

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor


You've got to Concert Square and you're not quite drunk enough for a night in Heebies. You're also not prepared to spend half your loan on getting drinks out. So your southern mate suggests going to "car-var". You don't even care that their pronunciation was absolutely wrong (It's pronounced sah-vah, end of discussion) because trusty £1 tequila shots are just what you need

You arrive at the brightly coloured Ca Va sign and can hear S Club pouring out from Popworld next door. You show your ID to the questionable looking bouncers, and shimmy yourself past the guitar guy on open mic. And then it hits you, a wall of dreams. Mother Tequila proudly displaying all of her flavoured bottles in their glory. Your next move is choosing your shot, and here is where you'll be judged.

What a beauty

What a beauty

Chilli Shot

The infamous shot you pray you don't get on Russian Roulette. If you intentionally choose this, you're an absolute nutter and you probably have a criminal record. Either that or you're showing off to the rest of the rugby team after singing "Stand By Me" on the coach home. Don't get me wrong, you have to try it once as a fresher, but be prepared to get your first taste of hell and lose all control of your tear ducts.

Jelly Bean Shot

Your special talent is being able to hold four VK's in the middle of the dancefloor and you're the person who ends up becoming best mates with complete strangers. Sugar is your fuel and you'll want to punch an elephant after your sixth shot of this. You're fun and it's okay, great choice in shot.

Irn Bru Shot

You're Scottish and you probably class Liverpool as "the South"

The face says it all

The face says it all

Baked Bean Shot

Let's just accept you're not one for going on the pull tonight. You're out with the lads and you've probably lost a bet. Not only is the texture gross but no amount of lemon and salt will disguise the aftertaste it leaves.

Mint Shot

A nice follow-up from a baked bean shot to get a bit of a minty breath as essentially you are shotting Listerine. You're probably a "car-var" pronouncer, you enjoy skinny latte's daily from Starbucks and take Uber's to your 9ams.

A great place to bring the parents

A great place to bring the parents

Summer Fruit / Blackberry / Passion Fruit Shot

You've learnt your lesson and you're probably not a fresher anymore. Gone are the days of trying the baked bean, chilli and coffee. You're a tactical player and have completed the tequila game. You might get accused of being "boring", but you're not wasting money on shots that will inevitably been thrown back up in the skanky toilets upstairs.

Coffee Shot

You're an Architecture student who has just spent the last 48 hours planning an entire town. You're happy your work has been handed in and you've made it on a night out, but at this point you genuinely haven't slept in three days. You optimistically go for a coffee shot thinking it'll be the equivalent of a pro plus, but it isn't, it's disgusting and you have instant regret.

Beer / Double Vodka / Anything that isn't tequila

Are you actually ok? Get out of Ca Va.

Before you know it, you're on your fourteenth shot and it's time to hit Concert Square. Thank you Ca Va for being the best post-pres option.