Former students take bridal photos in the Sydney Jones Library

They met each others glances over the printer

Chuchu Zhang and Piwei Cai, two former University of Liverpool students, recently had their bridal photo shoot in the Sydney Jones Library.

The location is special to them as it’s where they first met, the pair explained to the Library team that it was Piwei who was conveniently there when Chuchu was struggling to use the printer and needed some help.

Piwei studied Mathematics at the university and Chuchu studied Operation and Supply Chain Management. Piwei and Chuchu were both inspired to come to the city by Liverpool Football Club as well as the city’s long musical history including the Beatles.

Photographs and quotes provided by the Liverpool Library team

Student, Rosie, who was in the library at the time said: “I saw the bride dancing around outside in the white dress but I was more concerned about how cold she must be than what was actually going on.”

Speaking about the photoshoot, University Librarian Phil Sykes said: “People seem surprised that Piwei and Chuchu met and fell in love in the Library. But libraries are places of infinite possibility. Anything can happen.”

The couple are getting married at the end of the year as in China it is traditional to take the bridal photos before the wedding. They have made a promise to each other to visit the UK every year, as this was their first year back they wanted to use the opportunity to take the photographs in the special library.

When the library team asked them to describe their significant other in one word Chuchu went for “very reliable” and Piwei described his fiancee as needing more than one word “She is beautiful and very important to me.”

Photographs and quotes provided by the Liverpool Library team