The definitive A-Z guide to being a University of Liverpool student

L is for La

You’ve made it, the greatest city to be a student in the country (no actual source for this, but it’s a very correct opinion). The nightlife is buzzing, the traditions are unique and the students are mental.

We bet though you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed. So below is a complete A-Z of every thing you will need to know if you’re one of the lucky ones to join the land of Liverpool.

A is for Abercromby Square, essentially the mecca on campus, here you will spend days in the summer pretending to do revision. It is also for Arriva, the bus company we all love to complain about, although the only two buses you really need to know are the 86 and the 699.

B is for Brookhouse, the pub on Smithdown that does £2 pints on a Thursday.  It’s also for Bongo’s Bingo, a now international night that started in Liverpool and the Baltic Triangle, officially the coolest place to live in the UK.

C is for Cool It! Liverpool, the promotions company who effectively dictate your weekly nightlife schedule. Also Carnatic, the halls of Liverpool, where only the most wild freshers live and Crown Place, Carnatic’s posher, on campus cousin.

D is for the Docks, number one place to go if your parents are coming to visit and Delta, the only way you’re getting home after a mad Monday night at The Raz.

Ah romance galore

E is for Echo Arena, you probably won’t be able to afford the gigs here but worth knowing it’s there.

F is for Fleet Street, a street you never walk down sober. Home to Walkabout, Baa Bar and Revs.

Oh Baa bar, what are you like

G is for Ghetto Golf, a bit of a different night out. Play mini golf, listen to R&B and get drunk. Are you sold?

H is for Harpers, a classic takeaway choice, The Harold Cohen, the library non Science students are not to step foot in and Heebies, arguably Liverpool’s most popular club with what has to be the best smoking area in the country.

I is for Sir Ian McKellen, more specifically the time the Guild put up a blue plaque where he ate a jacket potato.

J is for Juicy, the R&B night which made a triumphant return to The Shipping Forecast in January.

K is for Kitchen Street, the club for Liverpool’s retro adidas wearing maniacs. It is also for Kensington which is the alternative student area in Liverpool (if you’re feeling brave).

L is for Lark Lane, a place to find quirky restaurants and cafe’s, Lambanas, weird half lamb half bananas that are around the city and Lime Street, the place you need to get to when you want to return home for Christmas.

Who knows?

M is for Mountford Hall, the guild venue which occasionally does some cool stuff. It’s also for Massive ASDA on Smithdown, you might not know it yet, but when you get a four bed on Langdale in second year it’s going to become a huge part of your life.

N is for Nabzy’s, arguably the most popular way to end a night in concert square (other options are available). 

A classic Nabzys order in all its glory.

O is for Oh Me Oh My, a pretty swanky little bar with some beautiful views of your new home city.

P is for Philharmonic, one of our more unknown halls in Liverpool but certainly one that people have a lot of love for.

Q is for Quids In, Heebies’ Thursday night where everything is £1 (you will make some regrettable decisions here). Before arriving at Heebies, you could start your Thursday with a Quad Vod at Faculty. Yes, these are still a thing and you can get them mixed with blue VK.

R is for The Raz, what else could R be for realistically?

S is for Sydney Jones, the library impossible to find a seat in during revision time and with an unpredictable temperature. It is also for Smithdown, the usual place to live after first year, if you’re particularly classic you’ll live on one of the dale roads. It could also be for the lovely Sefton Park, rent bikes and top up your instagram feed here.


110 likes pls?

T is for Tequila at Cava for £1, every flavour under the sun, if you don’t at least try the baked bean flavour then who are you? It is also for the Tesco Express opposite SJ, your saviour, your best friend and your meal deal provider

U is for Underground bars. These are pretty unknown (which also nicely begins with U), but there are a couple in Liverpool. One called Underground Gin Society and another is Berry & Rye.

V is for Vine Court which is officially the poshest halls on campus, only the very elite of this city stay here. The rumour they have en suites has been confirmed.

Vine court princesses

W is for The Wirral, an area across the river, you won’t ever go, but around 10 per cent of your course will be from here.

X is for eX Directory a very exclusive bar, you enter it through a telephone box.

Y is for “Yes, people do actually wear hair curlers”. Admittedly, we are struggling here, but this is an actual thing that happens.

Z is for Zanzibar, we didn’t think we’d get a Z so we’re quite proud of ourselves here. The Zanzibar is a cool little live music venue, located on Seel Street.