The do’s and the don’ts – how to survive freshers

Returning second and third year students give us the lowdown on freshers week

You've finally arrived at uni and you're on cloud nine feeling mostly excitement, but those nerves are lurking too. You don't want to become a local meme within your first week or end up with an unfortunate nickname that'll follow you around until graduation. Luckily, these second and third years have got your back with some friendly advice.

Ellie – 2nd year Criminology & Sociology

"Make effort with your flatmates, go into the kitchen and be a socialite, this way you will meet loads of new people. You should also knock on the doors of other flats and introduce yourself. Try and go to most of the freshers nights out, it will make you closer to your flatmates and will help you to find your group of friends, Quids in at Heebies on a Thursday is always a good shout! I wouldn't recommend sleeping with flatmates, trust me it's not worth the awkwardness the morning after."

£1 entry into Hebbie Jeebies on Seel Street every Thursday

£1 entry into Hebbie Jeebies on Seel Street every Thursday

John – 2nd year Politics

"Make sure you budget yourself in freshers week, I once spent £200 on a night out in Concert Square and didn't realise until the morning, so maybe leave the bank card at home. Luckily for me I lost it later on in the week. Also don't argue with the bouncers when they don't let you in, you never see that helping anyone's case. I wouldn't recommend bringing too many one night stands home as well, I slept with 7 lads in 7 days and got a reputation for myself."

Olivia – 3rd year Criminology

"Pre as much as possible is my number one recommendation, it makes for a cheaper night, just make sure you don't peak too soon. If someone is by themselves always approach them and ask if they are alright and invite them over to your group. You will hit it off with a lot of new people on nights out, but don't constantly go to the same bars and clubs it will get boring after a while, most students forget about Seel Street but it makes for a really good night out, especially La'go where the drinks are cheap and the music is always good day or night. Don't use 9am welcome lectures as an excuse, everyone goes to uni hungover, it would be rude not to."

Hannah – 2nd year Biological Sciences

"Talk to everyone that you can – it's the best and only way to make friends – go out as much as possible because it's at pres where you'll meet the most people. Last year it was good to for me to try and meet up with a couple of people from my course for welcome week lectures, that way you make a few friends to go to lectures with when they start. Don't brag by talking about drugs all the time or telling everyone how many people you've slept with, nobody will be impressed. Also, try not to get paralytic every night, you don't want to be instantly known as the person who can't handle their drink."

Zoe – 3rd year Psychology

"Making sure you pace yourself is important otherwise you'll find yourself worn out and bed ridden after 3 days, suffering from a serious case of freshers flu! You can attempt to control your spending but I doubt it'll work, the rents will be getting requests for money after a few days. Maybe put some money aside for a new ID, it will defo get lost, happens to the best of us! Shagging your flatmate isn't a great idea either to be honest."

BEWARE! You will be bed bound!

BEWARE! You will be bed bound!

Nathan – 2nd year Geography

"Make sure to leave your door open over the first few days, you will meet loads more people this way and this will help you get involved with activities in your halls. Whether you are in Crown or Carnatic take the extra time to fully unpack and make sure you have your room just how you want it, you will feel less homesick this way! Don't worry if you don't click with all your flatmates, not everyone does and there are plenty of other chances to meet your group. Don't mix two spirits together in one drink you will end up passed out in the street outside Krazyhouse. Also don't worry if you do not have tickets to all the freshers events, there are always more available on the door and half the time you don't even end up going to that club."