Two John Moores students got matching Levels tattoos and bagged free entry for life

‘I don’t club around’

Two John Moores students managed to bag free entry for life to Levels after getting matching tattoos of the club’s logo.

In a bid to avoid those nasty fiver entry fees, Education fresher Karran and Music fresher Deane paid the ultimate tribute to their favourite nightclub by getting matching tattoos whilst on a lads holiday in Bulgaria.

The pair decided to stay on for another week after their friends flew home, to continue their alcohol fuelled saga. Before the initial commitment, the Love Wednesday regulars got in contact with the Fleet Street club to confirm that their allegiance in getting inked wouldn’t go amiss, granting them free entry for life.

One mentions “even though we were sober when we got the tattoos done, I think were brain dead from the past two weeks.

“I was originally going to get the Level stamp 20 cm long across my belly but decided against it.

“My mate also added an Independence stamp tattoo on his arm for a nightclub in Wigan.”

Not only did they both gain free entry every Wednesday for life, but also every Saturday due to their dedication. Level has gotten back in contact with the pair, asking them to partake in a promo vid for the club before freshers.

Level replied “We do feel a Level tattoo should be rewarded with free entry.

“We feel honoured you would like to pay homage to Level that much.”

Win win situation if you ask me.

Anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?