There’s a video going round of a couple shagging in the Management School building

Someone filmed them from the Sydney Jones

building liverpool management shagging couple video

The video was shared on the Spotted: University of Liverpool Facebook page, before being removed a few minutes afterwards.

The video, which has been seen by The Tab, appeared to have been filmed from one of the upper floors of the Grove Wing in the SJ, at a desk seat looking across to the Management School building. It appears to show a man and a woman involved in intimate actions and the man appears to be completely naked.

A screen shot from the video from the Spotted: University of Liverpool page

Judging from the position of the light and the other larger windows in the video, The Tab believes the couple met up for their rendezvous at this window in the Management School building:

The video was apparently sent around the SJ according to Ciaran, a third year History student: “My friend got sent a video from her friend and ran straight over to me. I was in disbelief, howling so loud in the quiet section of the SJ.

“The fact it was in the management school and in broad daylight. I was also shocked because I realised this person was having more adventurous sex in that one video than I have in my whole adult life. It was the talk of the SJ, each person I walk past is commenting on it. I love Liverpool.”