Everything you can do in Liverpool to celebrate exams

The countdown begins

It’s the midst of exam season, deadlines are heavy and revision notes are surrounding us all. For those of us with multiple exams looming or a dissertation to finish, it may seem like life is a little dull at the moment. As always, Liverpool is providing students with plenty of events to look forward to and a range of things to do in order to celebrate the weekend exams finish. Whether you’re looking for a rave, an on campus seaside event or just wanting to get absolutely leathered, Liverpool has your weekend options sorted.

Baltic Weekender

Between 2nd and 4th June the Baltic Triangle will be celebrating the diversity of music culture the popular area is known for, hosted by Abandon Silence and 24 Kitchen Street. There will be live acts and DJs heading to Liverpool for the three day event, featuring Goldie, Flava D, P Money, Axel Boman, Ghetts and more.

Fiesta Bombarda Palm House Carnival

Get yourself down to Sefton Park to celebrate five years of carnivals in the Palm House.There will be face paint, a tropical set design and acts including Kioko, Dr Hyde, Divide & Conker and more. The park event goes on for two days being the perfect way to de-stress after exam season.

Summer Fest

The Guild are ready to transport you to the seaside as a celebration for the end of the semester. Whilst sun is still to be confirmed, fingers crossed, everything that goes with it will be readily available. The event is practically irresistible with a pop up gin bar for gin lovers, free ice creams, fun fair stalls, giant deck chairs for Instagram selfies accompanied by music, food and cocktails.

RAW Williamson Tunnels Closing Party

RAW is returning for a final buzz before we all retreat home for summer being hosted in the Williamson Tunnels. The 1800s heritage site is the perfect location for raves and will be the best way to say a very drunken goodbye to exams and the end of the semester. Tickets are also only £3.

Wide Open Launch Party

The launch being held at Kazimier Garden is bringing with it a world music vinyl shop, DJs in the World music game and a special after-party with tickets only being £5-£7. The event has free entry and the after-party is taking place at an underground dance venue, The Bakery. The Wide Open resident DJs have a selection of Afro, Latin, Jazz, and Dance music prepared for the launch.

Beatles vs Stones: A 50 years of Sgt Pepper’s Special

The weekend of exams ending coincides with almost 50 years to the day since “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” came out. Liquidation Liverpool is hosting a musical battle between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to pay tribute to the sixties summer of love. The evening will be filled with modern rock and roll with bands on the playlist such as The Strokes and The Libertines as well as your favourite oldies lined up on the playlist including The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys, The Who and many more.

Concert Square

If none of these take your fancy, tickets are sold out or you’re just not into trying new things, go back to good old concert square. The square will always welcome you back with open arms and vodka doubles, ready to wipe away all the painful memories of revision and exams.