BREAKING: The fire alarm has gone off at the SJ

Can I get an extension if my laptop explodes?

Early morning library users have been disturbed by the fire alarm going off in the Sydney Jones at around 9.55am this morning.

Students were evacuated from the building, and are being guided to Abercromy Square. The library haven't tweeted any information about what is going on. Sources on the ground are suggesting that contractors in the library set them off. As the alarm went off, library staff were seen walking around the library shouting "This is a real alarm. You need to leave."

The library was busy when the alarm went off, as it is currently deadline season at the university, and exams are looming in under a week. Students reacted in irritation to the early morning events. Ellie, a geography student, said: "My essay is due in and this is stress." Becky, a Languages student, said: "I'm never going to get that prime seat back."

Students waiting in the sun for re-entry

Students waiting in the sun for re-entry

Natalya, Psychology student, added; "This is why I'm glad I revise at home, no fire alarm and tea on tap."

UPDATE: at 10:13am, students were allowed to begin re-entering the library. A man with a megaphone stood outside the main entrance calling instructions to the swarm of students trying to re-enter. People were seen running back into the building, presumably to get back to seats at computers.

Students running back into the library

Students running back into the library

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