What your mode of transport from Smithdown to uni says about you

You probably think you’re too good for buses


Between skipping lectures we all have to get to campus somehow, but your chosen method says a lot about you as a student. We all know someone who thinks they are too good for buses or that person who power walks to uni everyday and then goes on about how active they feel. It’s time to accept where you fit in the uni transport ecosystem. Be the transport you want to see in the world.

The Bus

You’re a typical student attempting to save money – even if the £2’s a day are adding up. You’re the type that tries to count the pennies but splashes on a takeaway midweek due to lack of willpower. Bus riders are sociable humans but will probably still only take one headphone out to talk to you. You use your 30 minute ride to admire your bus crush or cram in some last minute revision. On the way to your 9am you’ll be seen tweeting “two buses have just fucking gone straight past, great start to the day!” but once that Arriva arrives you’re happy.

This seat is reserved for my bag because I don’t want to speak to you


The cheapest and most sociable mode of transport. You’ve got your life together. Your week consists of planning by the hour, buying ingredients from Aldi to make homemade meals and long study hours in the SJ. In the morning you get up early enough to have breakfast and walk to campus at a slow pace, although you end up power walking for the fitness buzz anyway. On days you’re not walking with friends you blast Ed Sheeran through your headphones and enjoy the walk.


The Uber-er otherwise known as the bus snob. You’re probably from somewhere quiet and think buses are for common people, a prin like you wouldn’t be seen dead on one. Sitting next to strangers and catching germs? No thank-you. Daily Ubers are digging you deeper into your overdraft but the luxury is worth it.


The most expensive and unnecessary way to get to campus, behold the driver. In the time you’ve dealt with the shit Smithdown traffic lights and found a parking space you probably could have got the bus in. Free parking by Melville for a couple of hours is an option, until you come back to a parking ticket because your 2 hour library session turned into 5 hours. You’re only acceptable if you’re offering the walkers a lift.


Your weekends are spent in the local skate park and every t-shirt you own is from an ~independent~ skating shop. You leave uni work until last minute, you’re unorganised as fuck and probably have a top knot. The word rad is part of your vocabulary and you can be spotted perching at the back of lectures thinking you look pretty cool – you don’t. ??

He was a skater boy, she said see you later boyyyyy


Cycling is probably the fastest and most efficient way of getting out of Smithdown and into your lecture. You’re a vegan and recycle religiously. You most likely study Geography or Geology and want to reduce your carbon footprint even more by the end of 2017, go you! Helmet wearers don’t care about the latest fashion trends, safety and comfort is key.


Hipster alert. You’re quirky and don’t want to let go of your childhood. You can be spotted scooting across campus provoking double takes everywhere you go. Of course, after reading this Razor E300 review you’ve upgraded your childhood Groovy Chick or Action Man scooter to something more classy, but nevertheless your inner child has escaped and people question if you’re actually a university student.

You don’t go

Who needs transport when you’ve got your bed???