Best places to cry on campus

If you didn’t cry once a day, did you even do a dissertation?

It’s dissertation deadline season. It’s coursework season. It’s exam season. It’s finding a quiet corner in the SJ to have a little cry season. But, don’t worry because we have your back. Here are your best places to cry on campus.

At your desk in the SJ

Does “ildsagfkljawbflkajdf” make any sense at this point?

Crying in the SJ is perfect for the multitasker who is 150 words into a 4000 word essay. Maybe if you rest your head on the keyboard, it’ll make up that word count. Maybe your tears will fill the keyboard and break the computer and you’ll get mitigating circumstances for losing your essay. Channel your sadness into your essay; embrace your stress and use it as your fuel. At this time of year, no one will judge you. They’re too busy crying themselves.

In Abercromby Square

You’ve probably reached the height of your pre deadline breakdown, the tears are flowing and strangers are looking at you. Realistically it’s all become a bit intense and you need to escape the SJ immediately. However, it can take up to half an hour to search for a desk during exam season and this isn’t a process you want to repeat. Our suggestion is that you take a break outside. This is perfect for those who want their meltdown to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. If the weather reflects the mood then call it pathetic fallacy – bonus points if you’re an English student.

In the bookshelves in the library basement

If the rain is too much to stand or its just bloody freezing, then try downstairs in the basement bookshelves. It’s weirdly warm down here. No one ever goes in this part of the library so there’s no chance of someone walking in on you ugly crying. Also, the dusty old books will muffle your sobs.

Outside of the ugly buildings on campus

At least this building is as ugly as my dissertation

From the Roxby building to the Gordon Stevenson, the ugliest buildings are a good place to cry because at least they might look uglier than your swollen face. Plus, the architecture alone is enough to bring a tear to your eye. And at least your blotchy, tear streaked face will fit into the red bricks behind you.

In abandoned stairwells

Everyone knows that the stairwells are a much needed refuge from the oppressive silence of the study areas. Here you can cry about the 6 exams you have that you only went to half of the lectures for and no one can tell you to be quiet. The bottom of the stairwells are extra special because they’re such a mess so it’ll make you feel less ashamed of the mess your dissertation is in.

Behind the Victoria Building

Reminiscing on all the breakdowns that must have taken place here in the 1800’s

If Abercromby Square isn’t aesthetic enough for you, try North Campus’s equivalent. Where better to cry about your uni education than outside the original red brick building. Embrace the history. You’re not the first student to cry here and you wont be the last.

At the printer

Please. Not. Now

It’s 1:40, your essay is due at 2pm and of course the printers have gone down. They’ve either run out of toner; there’s a massive queue or the entire system has gone down and you’re just left wishing you’d printed your work earlier. Plus, everyone around you is saying you shouldn’t have left it until the last minute and that apparently this isn’t grounds for mitigating circumstances.

The top floor of the Roxby Building

Is that Cardiff I can see?

An isolated gem where you can see all the way to Wales, the top of the Roxby building will not only make you feel better about the world, but put the mess of your not even nearly completed essay into perspective.

Random spots on campus

If these places don’t work out, or you’ve left too many tear pools in them just try some random on campus spots. A bench with some pretty trees surround it, or some random spot of pavement. Maybe someone will see you and empathise for five minutes or offer you their meal deal.