Student arrested on suspicion of attacking girl in broad daylight on Abercromby Square

Police are calling for witnesses to contact them with any information concerning the incident

On Monday at around 3:30pm police were called to Abercromby Square after a male student reportedly attacked another female student at the University of Liverpool.

Police have now confirmed the arrest of a 21-year-old man in regards to the incident, released pending further inquiry.

A bystander, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The Tab:

"I was walking past Abercromby Square, when all I heard at that point was a really high pitched scream. A girl ran out of the park area, being chased after by a man. He was then held back by three blokes while she was comforted by another, obviously very distressed. I decided I was going to call the police to inform them."

"While they were comforting her, the attacker starts coming back and screaming at her, she was obviously distraught. Campus security then come over to try sort it out more, and at that point the police arrived."

A map of the incident

A map of the incident

Whilst campus staff were unable to give a statement on the incident, Merseyside Police are encouraging anyone who witnessed the incident to contact them on their non-emergency number: 101.