Second fire in two days hits Smithdown as van burns in ASDA car park

The fire brigade arrived within 10 minutes

Following The Dolls House Specialists fire on Smithdown yesterday another occurred at roughly 6:15pm today. A van in ASDA car park was alight and smoke could be seen filling up the car park next to the petrol station.

People continued to fill their cars with fuel as onlookers appeared worried, one man holding up a fire extinguisher he produced from his car offering to help.

The fire brigade arrived quickly and the fire was put out within 5 minutes.

Second year Law student Emily, who took the photo seen above, watched from her Smithdown house directly opposite the car park said “I thought it was a barbecue at first and wanted to join, then I spotted flames coming out the bonnet next to the petrol station and wondered if there would be an explosion. Why were people continuing to fill their cars with petrol?”

Two other students watching from their student house attempted to find a fire extinguisher too.

The cause has not been established but may be due to mechanical problems.