Whether in the SJ or in bed, posting revision pics on socials makes you look like a knob

You’re just making the rest of us feel guilty

We all have friends who enjoy bombarding you with constant reminders that they’re smarter than you. From the pile of library books they’ve cited to the casual ‘pretty stationary’ post on Snapchat. Oh poor you! Your life must be so hard, and it’s just so nice to know that you have the time to colour code your notes whilst some of us can’t even find the time to eat amongst the piles of assignments due next week.

Oh look, some pretty gel-pens *slow clap*

Let’s be honest, just because you invested in some pretty post-it notes from Paperchase and have a wide collection of scented highlighters in pastel tones, it doesn’t mean you’re going to pass. Aren’t you just wasting time, forging your precious online presence? It’s a classic form of passive-aggressive procrastination that rubs us all the wrong way so why don’t you just stop…?

Throwing a filter and a few bitmojis on a picture of your most recent research proposal doesn’t make it okay either. It doesn’t matter that you’ve already submitted your essays that aren’t even due for another month. When we scroll through insta, the last thing we want to see are constant reminders that everyone else is on the ball. We want hotdog legs on sunny beaches and teeth-whitening adverts.

Library selfies are similarly inappropriate – the library is where the souls of passionate students go to die in leggings and dirty hoodies. Yes it’s lovely that you bought a frappacino and a Strabucks salad for lunch and yes it’s wonderful that you look on fleek for your SJ-Bae, but the simple fact of the matter is, that the library is my nemesis and you posting candid photos in my true idea of hell just doesn’t float anyone’s boat.

So please, do us all a favour and sack off this social media plague amongst students and let us fail our dissertations in the comforting ignorance that everyone else is failing too.