VIDEO: 699 bus driver fighting member of public at Carnatic Halls

You can hear the cyclist shouting “Let go, I said let go”

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In the video can be seen what appears to be a 699 bus driver and a cyclist wrestling outside Carnatic Halls.

Although the date of the incident is unknown, it seems to have been filmed from a student’s window in Salisbury Hall.

The cyclist in orange can be seen attempting to escape a headlock from behind, as the 699 Arriva bus driver wrestles him to the floor.

The cyclist can be heard shouting ‘let go, I said let go’ as he pushes the driver’s head back. The driver holds the cyclist in a head lock for almost a minute, telling him to “pack it in”.

After a short, unintelligible intercourse a black car pulls up in front of the two and the driver releases the cyclist and staggers to his feet.

After another brief verbal altercation the two depart.

Julie Linforth, the Marketing Director of Arriva North West, said: “The incident took place in February this year and concerned a cyclist who attacked one of our drivers while operating a service on the University of Liverpool campus.

“New evidence has come to light that shows the cyclist boarded the bus and attempted to break the assault screen that protects our drivers with his bike. This resulted in the driver attempting to restrain the cyclist, Arriva North West operates a zero tolerance approach to abuse against its employees and the incident has undergone a thorough police investigation.”