We know the type of person you are based on the colour of your Raz cap

£3 on the door means we know you so much more

Whether you’re an arts or science student, whether you’re a northerner or southerner, whether you’re a first year or third, one thing that binds us all together is our love for a sweaty, sticky night in The Raz. A night here is simply incomplete without a cap. Don’t pretend the colour you chose was random though, as it’s a clear insight into your personality.


You’re the quintessential Liverpool student. You religiously attend Quids In on Thursdays, have a marbled phone case with your initials on it and cite the SJ Starbuck’s as the reason you’re still living. You’re rarely seen without the Macbook you spent the entirety of the first installment of  your student loan on. You chirp on about how someone you vaguely know got food poisoning at Nabzy’s, yet you can still be found there at 3.30am on a Tuesday morning.

So classic it hurts


You’re still the usual Liverpool lad or lass, except you try and be a bit more quirky than the rest. Half of your clothes are from the vintage kilo sale, but you still haven’t got your wear out of all your Topman tees. You say you wanna try every restaurant on Bold Street, but always end up back in Nando’s. You’ll be the one buying the 50p fags, as you still haven’t perfected the ultimate rollie *sighs*.

The party don’t start til we walk in


You’re the life and soul of the party. You hold pres religiously every Monday, carefully guarding Spotify so nobody changes it from Tom Zanetti. Your Snapchat story is almost a movie with all your drunken videos, and your mates always have to hail a cab so you get home safely after one too many Razbombs. You say you’ll “never drink again” but you’re back here next week. And the week after that.


You’re daddy’s little girl. There’s almost no doubt you’re a southerner as you’re still shocked about £1 tinnies, but you’ll obviously just be drinking fat frogs, as that’s the closest thing to a Revs cocktail you can get in here. If you’re a guy: you either pinched it off daddy’s little girl, or you’re just trying too hard. Sorry.


You love being the centre of attention and standing out. You’re the one who instigates the night out. I mean, would your pals have even braved The Raz without you? And you ensure there are endless squad photos to upload on Instagram. You call yourself a sesh gremlin in an unironic way, and get pissy when your friends think the queue is too long. “C’mon guys, you know Baa Bar is crap on a Monday”.



You literally don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks of you. You’re not afraid to share controversial posts on Facebook and Twitter, and you’re never mortified when your friends tell you about last night’s antics. Oh, and your coursework was definitely done the night before. Still got a 2:1 though.

Merry Seshmas


You were just as shocked as the rest of us that they even sell lilac caps, so you couldn’t help but buy one. Everything you own is pastel colours and you have an intensely well curated Instagram. You will probably impulsively purchase drinks for all your friends too, even though you’re -£100 in overdraft. Oops.


You’re just at uni for the banter aren’t you? Are you even sure what course you’re doing?