We caught up with colourful Liverpool blogger Stephi LaReine

She has over 51k Instagram followers

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With her rainbow mane and bold outfits, Stephi LaReine looks as if she’s just walked off a catwalk, or at the very least a Malibu beach party – Liverpool does not immediately spring to mind. However, the 22 year-old Scouser, who describes herself as a rainbow fashion and lifestyle blogger, uses the city  as a backdrop to many of her Instagram shots . With over 51K Instagram followers, and 16.9K twitter followers, she’s a force to be reckoned with in the blogging world.  We asked the down to earth Stephi what she’s been up to.

How has the Liverpool fashion scene influenced your style?

I’ve found as it’s the epicentre of all culture right now, it’s given me that variety of incorporating music, and art within my style. I’m heavily influenced by music, I listened to a lot of artists from Liverpool throughout growing up, and obviously The Beatles were an incredible influence in my character. It’s certainly mixed things up, as from day to day I go from Baker Boy caps that John Lennon wore, to a modern up to date local designer dress. It’s contrasts is what makes my sense of style fun, as it’s not stereotypically Liverpudlian whilst holding the qualities of vintage style, modern design utilising high street and designer.

What’s your favourite hang out spot in the city?

I’m a big fan of Bold Street and it’s surrounding areas. You’ll find me partying away in Mojo, Magnet, EBGBS whilst taking my meetings in Leaf Cafe. I do adore the Baltic Triangle, especially the Gin Botanical Garden, but being a stones throw away from a vibrant independent part of the city means a lot to me.

What’s the one thing you miss about Liverpool when you’re away from home?

I miss the Scouse humour. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, and something very fundamental to why it’s so likeable. Whenever I’m travelling or spending time in London I feel more isolated, whereas in Liverpool, every person you meet will give you a smile, or tell a cheeky joke. We’re cutting edge, unserious and unforecasted, you never know what’s gonna happen and who you’ll meet.

Describe your style in one word.


What do you think Liverpool’s future holds in terms of the fashion industry?

Since Liverpool is thriving for style, it’s become the target of a lot of catwalk shows, where designers are bringing their pieces to the historic streets. As well as the undercover secrets of The Clothes Show which I’ve promised to not reveal, all I can say is that it’s going to be mind blowing and the best year yet, and will put Liverpool on the map for it’s niche approach . But with shows like North West Fashion Fest, Liverpool Fashion Week and independent runways happening most weeks I can certainly say Liverpool is the place to watch for both local and international designers. The industry is slowly shifting to become more bespoke, and independent like everything successful in this city – which I fully support as we see a rise of new faces in fashion.

What can we expect from Stephi LaReine in 2017?

You can expect many things from me this year, I’m diversifying myself into the culture of Liverpool curating my own rainbow dish at a new Organic Bold Street market launching soon I’m representing The Clothes Show getting all the backstage gossip and front row social media as their insider which is pretty special. Lots of travelling as usual!  Whilst spending my summers as I do best, partying at festivals in the UK and abroad for their socials and for bands – even playing at my own festival slot doing Stephi LaReine’s Fashionista Hour at Hope And Glory Festival on the cobbles. Being a full time blogger has allowed me to venture off into a surprise of starting my own alcoholic beverage company with fellow female creatives, where our drinks will be available in most popular bars in Liverpool and globally known festivals. My life is never simple, it always needs to be crammed with fun! There’s plenty of #GirlBoss vibes happening and with being only 3 months in I can’t wait to see what else this year holds.

You can follow Stephi on Instagram or check out her twitter page.