How to have the perfect date without leaving Smithdown

Who said romance was dead?

couple date liverpool smithdown

Juggling your love life as well as university and friends can be a struggle. Between lectures and Raz Mondays there isn’t always time to fit your Tinder bae in. Fear not though, if you’re lucky enough to live on Smithdown the answers to all your dating woes are right on your doorstep.

A kebab dinner

Treat your date to a gourmet meal, book a table at The Nile. Paying for your babe’s kebab will soon win them over, get a few extras added in and they’ll realise you’re an individual with fine taste. Up your game by introducing them to the world of peri-peri salt on chips.

The graveyard

Take a romantic stroll in the cemetery to show your loved one where you want to lie with them one day. First date? Even better, planning ahead is the best way forward. Have a picnic and discuss funeral plans, girls love that.

A romantic stroll

Hide and seek

From Langdale road to Brookdale or Smithdown itself, you could lose someone in the maze of dodgy back roads. If you’re feeling brave wait until 10pm and make your significant other guess which road you’re on. Provide them with clues such as “you could BORROW something from here”. The danger element of this date is that one of you may end up getting robbed, kinky.

ASDA diner

Another one of Smithdown’s gourmet eateries. Your date’s choice of filling on his jacket potato is a clear marker of personality. Tuna mayo says adventurous, ambitious and the sort of person that will surprise you with a trip up the radio tower. Cheese and beans indicate a more traditional approach to life, they’ll never forget your birthday.

A longing look combined with ASDA’s finest = guaranteed second date

The Brookhouse

Everyone’s favourite place to have a catchup and pint. Take your date to Brookie, bump into course mates and get the introductions over with quickly. Work out what their choice of poison is, get drunk and do something you’ll regret in the morning.

Sefton Park

If the graveyard isn’t your thing have a wander around Sefton Park and bask in all its glory. Feed the ducks, go to the cafe, sit on a bench… be sure to get the full park experience. If you don’t Instagram a pretty view of it, were you even there?

Rodent spotting

One thing Smithdown isn’t short of is rodents. Grab a pen, start counting and the last one to get to ten has to delete Tinder. If you manage to touch one and risk getting the plague your date will be ultimately impressed. Vermin or possible pet? Which side you’re on says a lot about you.

The Tavern

Britain’s best breakfast and the perfect cure for a hangover. If your date hasn’t already been here they’ll have the pleasure of being introduced to a whole new world. A world consisting of fried eggs, fluffy pancakes and hash browns. Their life will essentially never be the same again and it’ll all be down to you.

One of the 68 nail salons

Everyone loves to be pampered and Smithdown spoils you for choice. A trip to Linda’s Angel Nails and you’ll feel like a new person. What better way to spend time with your date than feel the refreshing glow of a UV light on your hands and work out what each others favourite colours are. Red nails mean you’re in for a good time in the bedroom!

Window gazing

Sit next to your window in the morning, have a cuddle and watch all the one night stands walk home. Guess which ones are still drunk, discuss your own one night stands and feel grateful you’re not walking down the road with a hoodie covering a sparkly bodycon dress. Other interesting sights include students in pyjamas going to Asda as well as people trying to get in the front door of Asda after 9pm and looking confused when it won’t open.

Follow the ice cream van

What’s really inside?? Is ice cream actually being sold or is it weed? Become Shaggy n Scooby and solve the mystery. Extra points if you can get inside the van and ultimately answer the questions everyone living on Smithdown has.