BREAKING: Reports of 15 injured in explosion on the Wirral

The noise was heard as far away as North Wales

There is huge police and paramedic presence this evening in New Ferry after a loud explosion was heard across the Wirral. Reports suggest a dance studio has been flattened and customers in a nearby chinese restaurant have been injured.

Those living nearby are being evacuated from their homes as a precaution.

Alison McGovern, The MP for Wirral South, tweeted: “Am on the scene in New Ferry. A very serious situation. Please stay away if you can, let emergency services do their job.”

Merseyside Police are expected to release a statement soon.

Chris Bennett, who lives a two minute drive away from the scene, told The Tab: “We heard the explosion, felt the windows shake and wondered what had happened. Within 30 minutes we heard sirens and had cars being redirected via the streets around us. Unconfirmed reports/rumours said it was a petrol station nearby but it soon became clear it was further up the road.

“Thankfully the emergency services were quick to respond and we just hope that no one was too badly injured.”

Nicki Gwyer, a third year Psychology student told us: “I must’ve been the only person in the Wirral who didn’t hear it, but my boyfriend’s family said the sofa shook downstairs as it happened. People started to leave their houses to go out and see what was happening. It sounds like people from all over the place heard it.”