How to style out your mid-semester SJ breakdown

Every cloud has its pair of silver hoops

As we swiftly approach spring break(down), the energy, enthusiasm and motivation you equipped yourself with at the start of the semester quickly begins to deteriorate and all that prep and planning for seminars, nights out and outfits just dissolves into thin air. However, that doesn’t mean you have to surrender your semester of stylish get-ups for the sake of six more weeks. There are so many ways in which you can obtain a truly effortless look, and here’s how.

Turn that jumper into a dress

You’ve now had eight weeks of copious amounts of alcohol and more late-night fried chicken than you’d like to admit to. Consequently, the only thing you feel comfortable in right now is that long jumper you were wearing with sports leggings or skinny jeans, 7 days a week. This spring breakdown, try mixing things up a little!

The humble baggy jumper can be thrown on as a dress. Stick a black belt around it and some black tights and you have a comfy-combo that is so effortlessly chic. Some could call it lazy, but your outfit is on point, and you’ll be comfy as hell.  If you are vertically blessed, perhaps wearing a jumper as a dress is just too risqué, but don’t fear, that is where the leggings take-over occurs, the time of year in which it is acceptable for you to substitute denim for cotton, because basically, everyone stops giving a shit.

Work those joggers

We all know the irony that yoga pants and joggers are always bought with the right intentions, but in reality they’re worn sitting with your housemates while you binge watch Come Dine With Me during your 6 hour “study break”, and never for actually going on a jog. But now is the time of year, yes, you can wear them to your 9am, because the fact you made it there in itself just shows how much of a strong, capable person you actually are.

Pop on some statement jewellery

Whether it be a bold set of multiple necklaces or a collection of boho rings you got in India on your gap yah, there’s nothing a bit of jewellery can’t fix. No one will ever know that you wore that top yesterday because BAM you threw on a statement necklace that is screaming for attention. The difference between someone who has solely eaten toast for 3 days and someone who has their shit together rests entirely on that Zara choker you got in the January sales.

Greasy hair, don’t care

Not that we are all unhygienic, but the speed at which hair decides to change states from shine to grease during times like these makes it impossible to keep up with the rapidly rising costs of shampoo and conditioner. Let’s face it, the Asda value 2-in-1 you bought last week just isn’t doing its job, and whilst your student loan needs to stretch for another couple of weeks, you can’t look like you’ve just dunked your head in Chester’s chicken vat. Introducing… the ballerina bun. Quick, neat and effective, it takes away the shiny glaze, and I suppose in a twisted way is more hygienic… I mean you are maintaining those natural oils, right?

PJs, meet SJ

As deadlines are approaching, many of your nights will be spent huddled in the basement of the SJ, and nobody wants to be sat uncomfortable for the marathon of essays you have to blast through before dawn hits. So just take the pyjama party to uni. Yep, wear your pyjamas to the library. There is only something wrong with that if you say there is, and let’s be honest, who wants to do an all-nighter in a pair of restraining high-waisted jeans? Anyone who’s actually in the library in the middle of the night is either asleep, or in exactly the same disorganised position as you. So rock up in your most stylish pair of cute PJs courtesy of your Gran and her unsurprising xmas present, and you won’t regret it.

So there you have it, so many ways in which you can avoid putting in any form of extra effort, yet be able to maintain a look that is, in some cases, just in the realm of acceptable. You’re welcome.