Everything you’ll inevitably do when your friend comes up to Liverpool

You think you’ll take them to unusual places, but you won’t

It will seem very exciting at first when your friend decides that they’re coming to see you and everything Liverpool. But then comes the terrifying prospect of actually deciding how to entertain them for three whole days. Liverpool has so much to offer, you’ll be taking them to all these places and more.

The nightlife

Clearly, the main reason they’re coming up to good old Mersey is to see good old Concert Square. They’ve heard Liverpool has the best nightlife and is something you should tick off your bucket list at some point while you still can. There’s plenty of choice depending on the night – whether it’s a Thursday at Heebies or a Saturday at Level, there’s something for everyone. And if they’re staying for a long weekend you might as well show them the Raz – it is a Liverpool institution after all.

Gals on tour

The Docks

Your friend moans that the drinks here are far too expensive but you win them over by distracting them by the pretty view. It’s a bit of a novelty really, especially if they’ve never been before or live nowhere near water or boats. Surrounded by cute shops, food places and views, your bezzie mate can’t possibly be bored.

OoOoOoh dreamy

Go shopping in Liverpool One and hit up the vintage shops on Bold Street

If you’re looking for fine dining and niche shops then look towards Bold Street. All the independent record and vintage clothes shops on Bold street mean you can encourage your friend to spend all their money on stuff they probably wouldn’t usually get at home – but they would 100% buy that “edgy” shirt after a two day bender in Liverpool.

Live Music

No matter what you’re into there’s always something going on; either at the Guild or Arts club so maybe invite them up for a gig. Ranging from cheap local bands to stadium fillers, there will probably be something to keep even the gig virgin entertained by.

The Beatles

If your friend is slightly cultured and coming up for the tourist aspect as well as to see what concert square has to offer, then you might as well take them to the Cavern club. With all it’s history and live bands on throughout the day, it’s perfect for the Beatles fanatic in your life. To top it all off take them to the Beatles Story by the docks.

Culture for days

Liverpool isn’t just famous for the Beatles, so this is the prime time to show your favourite cultural city off. Museums like the International Slavery Museum and art galleries such as the Tate and Open Eye can offer that. We also have two massive churches close to campus and a stop off at China Town will make them feel touristy and cultured for weeks to come. Imagine the Instas!

Sefton park

Take them for a picnic if the weather’s good and have a game of sloppy footy to help cure a hangover from a heavy night at the Raz. The park is absolutely massive so hide and seek is a fair shout too. Just try not to lose them – 10/10 would not recommend.

Pretty pretty sefton

Crosby Beach

Now, we’ve already mentioned water and boats and stuff but it’s not all just dockland along the mersey. Crosby beach is a pretty spectacular place to take your pal. It’s super cheap to get there and if the tide is out, you might be lucky enough to see Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ instalment. Good touristy photos can be taken of and with the iron men on the beach. Since you’re by the sea it’s a good excuse really to have an ice cream.