Vote Now: Best Dressed of the Week

See the stylish students strutting their stuff across Liverpool.

Having survived the winter and (somewhat) successfully made it through semester one, the same thought occupies every student’s mind: bring on summer. What we don’t consider is that living in England, the concept of summer entails three warm days in May, and the bitterness and incessant rain of the preceding months. So unfortunately, it is not time to unwrap yet but wrap up tighter, and students on campus know exactly how to do this with style.

Kristiane, Philosophy and English

Who says wearing a long coat needs to take focus away from all other aspects of your outfit? Kristiane fashions a pair of hip, patterned flares to accompany her winter coat, meaning she can strut around Abercromby square putting your hoodie to shame.

Hannah, English Literature

Faux fur never fails. Here, Hannah sports a beautiful fur lined winter coat which looks just as cosy as it does cute- practicality is just as important as aesthetics, and the cold won’t be bothering you in this coat! Styled with simple black skinnies and a pair of black ankle boots – easy.

Jonathan, English Literature and Media

Keepin’ it cool, Jon takes a more casual approach by fixing up a pair of black trousers with a trendy grey sweatshirt and pair of black Vans. His ever-so-slightly cropped skinnies are bang on trend. Simple yet effective.

Marianna, Communication and Media

Marianna jazzes it up a bit with a touch of velvet, demonstrating there is never a bad time for experimenting with textures. Yet, stopping it being overbearing, she’s can dressed the statement dress down with a pair of tights, a long sleeved top and a pair of relaxed converse. Plus, it won’t take long to transform the sleek dress into an outfit fit for Concert Square.

Glen, English Literature

Glen embodies both chic and sophistication, sporting a black and grey polo neck with a pair of black skinnies, completing his look with a some brown leather brogues. Not only does the polo neck look dapper and trim, but also aids Glen against the bitter winds of the retiring winters. Perfecto.

Aoife, Law

Did somebody say sparkly tights?! There’s nothing like partnering a good dungaree dress or skirt with a flashy pair of sparkly tights to spice up your ensemble. Here Aoife manages to give edge to what looks like a causal get-up, meaning she is keeping it cool yet giving it a unique spin all at once.

Archie, English with Communications and Media

What better time of year to put the edge on your style with a pair of suede Docs than now? We’re halfway through semester two, and your impending mid-term crisis is definitely becoming more prominent. Why not take the easy route and let your footwear take a focal position in your outfit with a classic pair of Liverpool Docs? Fashioned with a similar styled juniper-green barber jacket and plain maroon tee.

Rohan, Law and Film

As Rohan knows, there is never a bad day to put on a checked shirt, whatever the weather a shirt will do the trick. Styled with, of course, a pair of classic black skinnies and a lighter coloured T-shirt on top to contrast. Co-ordination on point.

So there are eight competitors all contesting for your vote towards their campus-style title of king or queen. Vote for your favourite bellow!