Cosmic Connie: your week seven planetary predictions

Will your stars align over Smithdown this week?

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The tea leaves have spoken. Palms have been consulted. The planets have aligned and I have seen your future…What does your week hold?


Avoid the Heebies smoking area at all costs. On the bright side, trying the Sphinx for a post-lecture bev might prove beneficial.

Lucky number: 3


Keep an eye on the SJ librarians. Your 10 minute power nap might land you a hefty fine. Top floor Level is where you should be this Wednesday.

Lucky colour: Purple


Indulge in a meal deal, but buy it early to avoid the disappointment of being forced to eat a tuna mayo sandwich. An English student will save your life this week.

Lucky day: Sunday


Keep an eye out for snakes in the flat chat. A Kenny house party will cause a three day hangover so write off the weekend now.

Lucky club: Baabar


Take pre-drinks slow this weekend. Your stars are aligning for a heavy sesh and you don’t want to peak too soon. Subway the next day will get you to your nine am.

Lucky buildings: Rendall, Life Sciences


Get to Juicy early or you’ll get rained on in the queue. Don’t leave your assignment till the day. Turnitin has it in for you.

Lucky pre-drink: Gin


An Arriva bus will drive off without you but your good looks will get you to the bar in CaVa quicker than normal.

Lucky pants: the red ones


Club photos are not your friend, especially if you barge Mccooleys! Keep £5 at home incase you can’t cover your cab fare home. You may spend more than expected.

Lucky shot: Sambuca


Guild cocktails are really cheap on a Friday – and a guild bartender might catch your eye. Asda reduced section will serve you well.

Lucky food: pesto pasta


Library fines will catch you off guard if you don’t return that book. Keep your bus pass close or you might loose on Friday.

Lucky names: Sean, Iona


Nabzys chicken will disappoint you this week. Avoid the squirting floor tiles by Central teaching hub if you want dry feet.

Lucky cabby: Über


Finally! This week you might find a Harold Cohen bae so get studying. Faculty bouncers are tough but fair. If they don’t let you in, you’re too drunk. Take a walk and try again in 10.

Lucky bus: 86B

Tune in same time next week for more from Merseyside’s Mystic Meg – Cosmic Connie.