Philharmonic Court is the best halls in Liverpool

Don’t hate us ’cause you ain’t us

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It’s outrageous that so many people forget to ever mention, when discussing their preferences for university accommodation, what can only be described as the hall of choice. You’ve heard of Vine and Crown and Melville and Carnatic, but none of these compare to Philharmonic Court, or Philly as it is lovingly known by its residents.

Maybe it’s because Philly is a new university accommodation, housing only its second generation of first year students. Or maybe it’s because it’s hidden behind the actual Liverpool Philharmonic. Either way it’s been shrouded in mystery for a bit too long and it’s time you all knew it a little better.

Forgot the rotting carcass of Carnatic and it’s dingy Carni bar: we’ve got our own pool table, PlayStation and table tennis table in the common room. These lovely new additions to Philly mean that when you’re bored out of your brains from pretending to study there’s always a cosy little room where you can go and distract yourself some more, and it doesn’t involve sitting in a brutalist 1960s concrete prison – looking at you Carnatic.

There’s also a study room, though like most accommodation study rooms, it’s packed with frantic students the week before exams and deserted for the rest of the semester. Not that anybody really cares about the study room, you’ll never use it, but it’s nice to have.

We also have the legend that is Mike the security guard. He’s not like other security guards – not only is he rather lovely, he can also be a good laugh. One time he ran into the road to save my cactus from a group of drunken students, and he puts up with inebriated students asking him stupid questions and rambling on at ungodly hours in the morning. Just part of the job I guess.

Hi Mike

Ensuites! Yeah yeah, I know. Vine and Crown had them first but big deal. Carnatic can eat one. There’s never any need to fight over who bought the last lot of loo roll or who used up all of that really nice shower gel your mum bought for you and you only.

The rooms are small but perfectly formed. Big pin boards which are usually plastered with photos rather than important deadline reminders or worksheets and desks that are filled with unimportant rubbish rather than books from the SJ are part of every room. As well as a double bed for everyone because why not? It’s all about equality (none of that paying slightly less or more for a certain size bed like they do at Crown Place). This is the future, people.

The best part, though, is the living rooms. They’re perfect for pres. Massive, with a large kitchen and big, comfy sofas. No need to pack into Tom from Hereford’s filthy room, awkwardly sitting on the edge of his single bed while someone’s weedy laptop speakers try and fill the room with music. Again, I’m looking at you Carnatic. Nope, we’ve got a TV for watching, and hooking up a laptop too, a breakfast bar for drinks, and then at the end of it all you’re just a five minute walk from town, so if you’re bored of pres you can pop down to the city centre bars and clubs. Crown Place definitely can’t boast that.

Sure, it’s a little pricier than the competition but it’s worth it. You can call us posh, stuck up, nannied kids who miss all the dirty antics of the other halls. You can say we haven’t had a “real university experience”. You can keep it, because deep down we all know Philharmonic trumps you all.