Virgin are selling Liverpool to London tickets for only £10

It’s only for a limited time of six days

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Virgin has cut the price of tickets for Liverpool to London tickets in a sale that begins at 00.01am on Thursday and runs until midnight on Tuesday next week. It’s part of a celebration the West Coast line being open for 20 years.

Fare prices are starting at £10 for a standard off-peak ticket, and first class tickets are dropping as low as £28.

Trains to Stafford will cost only £2.50 and to Chester only £10. London to Manchester are reduced to £10 as well, while London to Birmingham is £4 and London to Glasgow is £14.

Tickets are only on selected trains and cannot be used with student or young person rail discounts, but they’re cheaper than a normal ticket with a 16-25 railcard discount.

Ciaran, a third year history and politics student said “This is so cheap. It normally costs me £40 to go home to London. I might bulk buy.”