The best places to drink in Liverpool if you don’t like clubbing

Some of us just like to chill

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Clubbing isn’t for everyone, and while most people are living it up in Juicy or Level, others just aren’t down for sweaty clubs where the queue for a pint is a mile long. It doesn’t make anyone better or worse: it’s not liking clubbing is less high-brow. It’s just personal choice.

For those who feel like there’s nowhere to go because everyone else never shuts up about Brooklyn Mixer, here are some more low-key venues:

Mackenzies, Rodney Street

A calm atmosphere, sometimes with live music and really cheap ale, Mackenzies is a good atmosphere to take your other half for a quiet drink or somewhere to watch the football.


Bar Cava, Wood Street

Not actually a club, but somewhere you can get really really drunk for almost no money. £1 shots of every single tequila you could imagine, and the music is good too if you like grunge.

shots will affect u

Red Door, Berry Street

Low lighting and decent music, Red Door is a quirky little bar. You’ll have a ball in this tasteful and low key venue. Not bad prices, too.

Cavern Pub, Mathew Street

Live music, friendly staff and loads of original memorabilia of every single band your dad loves. It’s a great place to take your parents and friends and it’s never too busy. Small, but filled with character.


pure excitement

Hannah’s, Hardman Street

Located by the Bombed-out Church, Hannah’s has cocktails, beer and fun shots and live music, including an open-mic. The chill atmosphere is great for after-uni drinks or the start of a whole night on the town. Hannah’s has lots to offer and a happy hour to die for.

dat sign tho

The Alchemist, Brunswick Street

The Alchemist has the best cocktails in Liverpool, and also does food. What more you could you want? The bar staff have to go on a course in cocktail-making in order to be able to make all the cool creations that they do. Definitely the kind of place you visit to celebrate with mates. A birthday? Alchemist. A first? Alchemist. Made it to your 9am? Alchemist.

Roxy Ball Room, College Lane – Liverpool ONE

A very different experience to your usual bar, with pool, beer pong and ping pong. It’s always good fun – especially in the summer when the rooftop beer garden beckons, with a view to go with your double vodka and coke.

Djangos Riff, Wood Street

Very dark inside, but they do pints of white Russians?!?!?! Quite an indie vibe, a bit basement-y but good atmosphere if you want a laugh with your mates over some cheap cocktails

Soho, Concert Square

No, I don’t mean the inside bit with all the old men grinding on you and the sweaty atmosphere, I’m talking the outside with heaters and the lovely waiters who take your Zombie cocktail order from your table. You can literally sit there and chain-smoke, 10/10.