How to cope with results day today

A few handy tips to deal with your impending doom…


The bitter reality that tomorrow you’re going find out that you need to re-sit first semester is becoming increasingly unbearable. You just know for a fact that you totally fudged all your exams and your dissertation isn’t looking any better. So here are a few handy tips to deal with your impending doom.

Deny it all

Put your phone no aeroplane mode and spend the day in blissful ignorance until you find the courage to take a look.

Results? What results? I am candid and carefree


“Yeah I got 1st too Katie, thanks for asking you absolute and total swot. Don’t you have some extra reading to be getting on with? K thanks bye.”

Cry it out in the SJ

Book out a cosy study room for the entire day and weep your troubles into your £3 lunch deal packet of Wotsits.


If you jog fast enough, people will mistake your stinging tears for sweat.

So much regret…

Eat away your troubles

Just resign the day to sitting in bed watching reruns of Gilmore Girls and order in a pizza big enough to give yourself a heart attack. Your mum can’t kill you if you’re already dead.

chewing is optional

Retail Therapy

There’s nothing that a bulk order from ASOS can’t cure.

Turn it around

Maybe this is an indication that you should really get a move on with your mid-semester deadlines due next week.

To do: get ur life together m8

Concert Square

Or you could put that off another day and spend your evening drinking away your problems. Quids in anybody?

lets get messy

Hang with people who did worse than you

Find that one friend that you can always count on to flop an exam and spend some quality time cheering them up. Not only is this a nice thing to do, it’ll make you feel way better about your own grade. P.S. if the flatmate that tagged you in this decides to hangout tomorrow, you know the deal.

Get over it

Oh well. Could be worse??