How to have a night out without leaving Smithdown

And the best part is you don’t have to sell your soul to Delta for a ride home

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We’re five weeks in to second semester and it just seems that we’re all too damn depressed to take a bus all the way out to town for a night out. “I mean, I might be up for the pub” has become a common response to a night out and quite frankly we’ve had enough of it. But never fear – it turns out that you can have just as much fun without leaving the comfort of Arundel Avenue, because a night out on Smithdown can rival any night in Concert Square.

Pre in ASDA
As a child I used to snack on the grapes from my mum’s trolley as a personal reward for coming shopping. These days we cut out the middle man and head straight for the vino. Why not pick up a few groceries along the way? A loaf of bread here, a swig of Lambrini there. Easy peasy.

Anyone fancy a swig?

Pool in The Brookie
For a gentle warm up head to the Brookhouse early because you can bet your bottom dollar that by 9pm the pool tables will have freshers with too much time on their hands queuing out the doors. Beat the traffic and sneak a round before it gets busy, and hey, why not get in a pint or two? Especially if it’s a Thursday.

Buy some fags at Tesco
No Becky, you’re not just a social smoker. Go and buy your own menthols. There’s a Tesco just over the way so you can satisfy any last minute cravings for a cancer stick or two.

Karaoke in Willow
Hugely underrated and a nice alternative to Brookie, especially on a football night, is the Willow. Karaoke on a Saturday is just what you need after a week of lectures – belt out a round of Taylor Swift or two and release your inner diva. Darling these boots were made for walking.

“You’ve done too much, much too young…”

Take a break at Kelly’s
If the pints are stacking up and all this Smithdown excitement is getting too much, take a trip to Kelly’s Dispensary and pull up a pew. I will personally vouch for the sofas in this establishment. Super cozy, super friendly and perfect for a post party wind down.

sweetly antiquated

Walk it off in Smithdown Graveyard

There’s always one that needs to keep moving to avoid the inevitable spew. If you need to walk your night off, take a trip around Smithdown graveyard and enjoy the scenery. Rediscover your inner emo.

Tactical down Avondale
Perfectly located between both ends of Smithdown, no matter where you are, Avondale will be your bucket. After an optimistic sprint towards the nearest establishment with a flushing toilet, you will settle for a street corner and regret everything. Except for staying so close to home instead of having to fork out for a cab home.

Takeaway in Kahns
The doner meat mecca. The pizza de résistance. You Kahn-t go wrong with Kahns. A few cheesy chips and you’re on your way home.

All’s well that end’s in pizza

All in all, Smithdown is a fab night out. No MyTicket, no guestlist, no drama.