All the Scouse slang you should’ve learnt during your time in Liverpool

They’re dead good like

Meeting Scousers can be a little difficult at first, because talking them can be like trying to understand Latin if you didn’t go to a private school. There are words that don’t even make any sense when you hear them, so you just go along with it and pretend like you know what’s going on until you fully adapt. Until now. During your time at Liverpool you should’ve learnt all of these by now, but since that 2:1 has gotta be scraped and you spend half your day looking for a seat in the library, we’ve broken them down for you so you can actually be at your boss best.

Arlas Adjective Ar-lass

An event, outcome or situation deemed wildly unfair and rude.

E.g. “That exam question was arlas, bet I failed that one.”

Bail Verb Bay-le

To leave somewhere, to go.

E.g. “Sorry lar, I’m bailing this joint.”

Belter Adjective Bel-ta

Describing something positively, mostly to describe an event or outcome that turned out well.

E.g. “That night out at Juicy was a belter, mate!”


Blert/Ming Noun Bl-e-rt/Mi-ng

An offensive name for someone, a person who is annoying or a shithouse.

E.g. “my lecturer is a bad blert, constantly making us read a novel a week.”


Boss Verb Boss

Great, excellent, fit.

E.g. “That night was boss!” / “That dress looks boss.”


Gorra Cob On Verb Go-rr-ah-c-ob-on

When you’re pure fuming about something, or something’s pissed you off.

E.g. “Can’t believe I got a 2:2 on my essay, proper corra cob on.”

Is Right Adjective Is-Rih-t

An exclamation of agreement, ecstasy or approval.

E.g. “Is right lad! Finally finished that 3,000 word essay.”


Jarg Adjective Ja-ar-g

Something broken, useless or a bit shit.

E.g. “There’s always one jarg toilet in the SJ.”

Jib It Verb Jih-b-it

To abandon something, usually an action or a task, with the motive of not being assed about it.

E.g. “Be assed with this week’s reading, gonna jib it.”

sometimes u just gotta jib it

Jobe Noun Joe-b

A taxi.

E.g. “Uber is surging again mate, reckon we won’t get a jobe for another hour.”


Ketwig/Scally Noun Ket-wig/Sca-l-ee

A 10-15 year old male with the on-trend overly-curly hair usually seen wandering down County Road with a fag in hand on a bike. Sometimes still out by 11pm.

E.g. “Saw more ketwigs last night in the chippy, absolute mings.”


Lar Noun La-r

A naming word meaning ‘friend’ or ‘mate’, usually used when thanking someone or greeting a person you know.

E.g. “Alright, lar!” or “ta, lar”.


Me Arl Fella Noun Me-Ah-l-fe-lla

Your dad or male guardian, another word for ‘my old man’.

E.g. “Me Arl Fella is gettin’ on me nerves, lad.”

Offie | Noun Off-ee

A shorter version of the word ‘off-licence’ meaning corner shop or anywhere that you can buy alcohol or ciggies.

E.g. “I’m going down the offie to buy some ale.”


The Ozzy Noun The-Oz-zee

The hospital.

E.g. “Me mate did some heavy Garys last night, ended up in the Ozzy”.



Queen Noun Qw-een

A endearing pet name, or someone who is looking amazing, usually said when you’ve finished getting ready on a night out.

E.g. “Oh my God, Queen! You look amazin’.”

just ur typical queen x