Disabled student refused entry to Heebies because of her wheelchair

The club has sincerely denied the accusations

A Liverpool English student with cerebral palsy was turned away from Heebie Jeebies because they couldn’t fit her wheelchair in – even though they’d let her in before.

Emma was queuing up for the basement at around 2:30am when the incident happened.

She told The Tab: “I explained to the first bouncer that just like when I came before, my friends will help carry the wheelchair down, I will leave it in the gap by the door at my own risk and I’ll dance in my crutches. Not only was I told by the first bouncer that I was blocking the queue, but I was then told by a second bouncer that I won’t be able to come in because there are too many steps. He also said that people won’t respect me in the club for using crutches, and that it wasn’t their problem.”

Emma, second from the left, uses crutches regularly on nights out

After asking a third bouncer if she was being turned away for being disabled, she was informed again that it wasn’t their problem. When Emma became increasingly distressed with the whole situation, this bouncer informed her: “I was going to let you in, but now you’ve lost your chance.”

The bouncers kept repeating that the wheelchair would be in the way where Emma was planning on leaving it and even questioned when Emma had been to the club before.

“I’m really upset,” Emma says. “I kept being told it was the building design and that it wasn’t their concern. I’ve never experienced anything like this in Liverpool before. I’m a normal human being! I go out all the time, and that’s why it’s hit home as this just shouldn’t happen. Although some disabled people may be shy, we are all human and deserve the same rights afforded to others. I feel as if the second bouncer felt sorry for me but was too concerned about sticking up for his mate. It seems like there’s a cult mentality going on.”

Reports from those who attended the night itself, stated the club was relatively quiet for a Friday night.

Joe Maryanji, Head of Marketing for Heebie Jeebies released this statement: “We would like to make it clear that the customer in question was not refused entry to the club, although unfortunately we were unable to accommodate storage of the electric wheelchair for them.

“Heebie Jeebies does not refuse entry to anyone due to disability, however as a listed Georgian building it creates challenges with access. Regardless of this, we strive to accommodate everyone who wants to come into our venue to the best of our ability.”

Joe has recommended that Emma officially report the incident so they can properly investigate and take appropriate action if necessary.