Every mistake you make on a night out in Baa Bar

A night out doesn’t count if you don’t wake up with regrets

baa bar drunk liverpool mistakes night out

Whether it’s in Fleet or Victoria street, any good Liverpool night out ends up in Baa Bar. Cheap drinks, tons of cocktails and amazing DJs – what could be better? Until you wake up the next day and hazily realise all the alcohol driven mistakes that happened the night before.

Spending money you don’t have

Cocktails may be two for £10 but you don’t even have anything more than minus numbers to spend. Surely once you’re in your overdraft already you might as well just go further in – right? Coming back from the bar with two drinks – for yourself – is standard practice. Being poor comes with the title of student. At least you keep telling yourself that until you ring the parents begging for another transfer.

Falling down the stairs

Every hour someone will fall down the stairs and on more than one occasional, it probably will be you. Style it out as a new dance move, pull someone else down with you to share the shame or cry and get a cute guy’s attention. We all cope in different ways.

Shots, shots, shots

Drunk you thinks £2 flavoured shots is a great idea. Drunk you also wants to try as many as possible. Drunk you is probably throwing up in the toilets a few hours later. Drunk you also forget that maths is a thing and buy a fuck load of shots, not realising £2 multiplies quite quickly.

baa bar

Overdoing it on the booth

You’ve booked a booth and you’re in for an evening of plentiful alcohol and comfy seating to collapse on when the dancing is done. You and the lads got a bit too excited though, buying several more bottles once the booth ran dry. By 1am you’re all sat with your heads on the table, trying not to vom into the buckets your vodka arrived in.

Harassing the DJ

We know you’re in love with Matt Hibbert and desperately want a capri sun but you’re borderline creepy and acting like an over-aged fan girl.

Hoarding plastic cups

Its 2am and you’re walking around desperately clinging on to your prize possession of the evening, a Baa Bar or Modo plastic cup. Yes they are free but nobody is going to take your cup. It’s yours and you are now emotionally attached to it.

Loving the camera

You spending two hours getting ready + one photographer making his way through the crowd = photos appearing on Facebook the next day including faces you didn’t know you were capable of pulling. Oh, and Sarah has tagged you in them so everyone gets to see you in all your glory. Queue rapid untag before your mum logs on the morning after.

Singing your heart out

‘You Don’t Know Me’ is guaranteed to be played at least four times: if there was a module on lyrics you’d fucking ace it.


Whether it’s your ex or that friend you’re actually not a huge fan of, a drunken call is always something that comes back to haunt you. At some point during the night you’ll find yourself in the toilets or stood outside telling people you’ll be back soon, that you just need to make a quick call. If it’s not a call it’ll be a text along the lines of “heyyy, awht are yoiyt doig togniht” followed by “i lovae tou”. A day later hungover-you will claim someone stole your phone for a laugh. Your ex won’t buy it. Classic. 

drunk text

Losing sight of your friends

Once you’ve lose sight of who you’re with it’s going to be pretty hard to find them again. You’ll spend half an hour in the smoking area making friends until you’re eventually reunited with your group at 3am shouting about how good a night it’s been. In the morning you wonder who the fuck all those strangers are in your selfies.

Ending the night at Harpers

The night has been a heavy one and the only thing you want now is a 10″ pizza, a fuck load of mayonnaise and your bed. After queueing for 10 minutes and making friends with the guy waiting for chicken wings, your night is complete.