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Liverpool has been voted the kindest city in the UK

48% of Scousers regularly perform acts of kindness

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Scousers have been voted the kindest people in the UK  after topping a survey conducted by Travelodge about random acts of kindness.

The results suggested that 48% of Scousers regularly perform acts of kindness which was more than double the national average of 19%. Nearly a quarter of Scousers said that they got a “rush of good feeling” when they performed an act of kindness.

The results come as no surprise after the story that a girl recently had a scouser come to her rescue and pay £159 for her ticket back to Liverpool. Grace Georgina lost her return ticket, and was left crying at London Euston before a friendly scouser picked up back up and helped her out.

Grace Georgina was on the receiving end of some Scouse friendliness when a man offered to buy her £159 ticket home to Liverpool.

“I stood texting my brother on the platform through silent tears of frustration when a man walking by stopped his mate, came up to me and said ‘Hey, you look upset, what’s wrong?’ I explained what had happened and he shook his head, and told me it’s no bother, he’d sort me out another ticket.”

The boss lad remained anonymous until an appeal to find him in the media revealed he was Martin Gallagher, a nurse from Guernsey. Gallagher, who is 45 was born in Liverpool.

Liverpool beat Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and York to the top spot. The only Southern city in the top ten was Oxford.