The best things about dating a Scouser

10/10 would recommend

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This Valentine’s Day, there is one thing that everyone should be doing: dating a Scouser. Forget Mancunians, Geordies or Cockneys, the only men who are worth our time are Liverpudlian men. For anyone with their eyes peeled waiting for Mr Right, this is every reason Scouse lads are the best people to date.

They are incredibly loyal

There is no one more loyal than a Scouser, and you can tell this from their classic hobbies like drinking and sports. You are always being taken into the same bar on date night because of his obsession with the latest pale ale that has appeared in his local full of forty-year-old alcoholics, because God forbid he went anywhere else because it “wouldn’t be as good”. This also shows in his undying, unconditional and sometimes irritating dedication to either Liverpool FC or Everton FC. He has to watch, without fail, any time a game is on. He will take the entire day off work if needs be. This dedication and loyalty will not go amiss with you; he will shower you in just as much affection when you’ve been sat on your own all day in the SJ.


They have the best sense of humour

Scousers’ sense of humour are one of the things they’re most famous for, and rightly so. Joking around with you is an integral part of their dating repertoire. Their jokes will keep you laughing, because they always come form a good place. They will find you as hilarious as you find them.Making each other laugh will be the backbone of your relationship –  that will never change Their only aim is to make you laugh and forget that 9-5 straight day you’ve got in uni on Thursday, which you have been moaning about since the semester started, and Scouse boys do it so well.

forevz laughin x

They send you random lovely texts 

He won’t let you forget that you’re always on his mind by sending you nice, thoughtful texts. Whether they’re texts asking for advice or answers, or whether it’s a cute text to let you know they’re thinking of you, your Scouse fella will always be texting you, relying on you and knowing you’re not too far away for a chat.

that feeling when he texts you while on a night out <3

You get adorable nicknames within a lovable accent

There are always cute words that Scousers will call you without even meaning to – “honey” is a favourite, alongside “gorgeous”. Nothing will get better than this. This is peak you. Scousers are very endearing for their pet names, so imagine being called ‘darling’ in a Scouse accent. Correct, you will die.

Won’t shy away from photos

Although most lads will make out they hate having their photo taken, and that includes Scouse lads, they’re the ones who want to re-take and check the photos to make sure they’re good enough for your Instagram account. Despite pretending that photos aren’t a big deal, they will love taking photos with you and you better make sure he sets it as his phone background for at least the next year.

this was retaken 7 times cos he had to fix his hair



Merseyside is brimming with hundreds of talented people, and that’s no surprise considering so many different talents have come out of Liverpool – like the Beatles, obvs. Your Scouse date will probs be very artistic in his own way. There is nothing better than hearing him singing something on guitar from another room, or seeing his art work, or hearing him talk. He will be there to help you on your homework; he’s clever, incredibly talented and might even sing you to sleep.

nothing more Scouse than performing at the Cavern Club tbh

Always up for a bev

Bevvies are the utmost important tradition to Liverpudlians, and drinking is always a yes. In at 9AM tomorrow morning? Doesn’t matter, if you’re up for a drink, so is your Scouser. They’ll drink anything and everything, and will be out as late as needs be. If you ever need to let your hair down, you have the best city in the world and the best date in the world, and this will be enough to make you forget that 9AM.


They will treat you right

In a world full of boys that treat girls like shit, get yourself a Liverpool boy who was almost definitely raised by a strong woman and knows how to treat a strong women – who may now have to check into an institute after this semester. They will always be there to spoil you, get drunk with you, help you out and make you smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, and your Scouser!