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Dissertations are the best part of being in third year

No lectures for 12 weeks yes pls

By your third year, from Reception to second year of uni, you’ll have spent 15 of your 21 years in education. Education spent learning what other people want you to learn.

Sure, you can pick modules, but the books, essays and poems you’ll read and the experiments you’ll do will all have been chosen by someone else. In what possibly could be your last year of education, why would you not take advantage of the option to finally do some work that you actually want to do?

Your dissertation is the greener grass. It’s the open door to expand your knowledge and become an expert in something you actually care about, rather than the impact of Edwardian postcards on Britain’s communication.

All you need to do to not hate it is stay on target. If you sack it off for weeks and don’t go to any meetings, you’ll hate it, but if you do the meagre 2,500 words every two weeks it’s lightwork. With no lectures you’re an idiot if you don’t make like Shia Lebouf and just do it. You can actually sit in bed all day and it count as a module.

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Your dissertation will become more than a part of your day. It’ll be come part of your life: an extra limb. Handing it in is like having your puppy ripped off you – that puppy you chose and nurtured and cared for all by yourself. Your dissertation will become an extension of yourself: all of your hopes and dreams whittled down to 10,000 words.

Speaking of 10,000 words, by the end of it any other essay you have to do will be easy peasy as with a dissertation, 2000 words becomes as simple as 200. And really, what are your alternatives? Would you rather write about Beyoncé’s sexuality on screen or the impact animals had in WWII, or about the fluctuation of corn prices during the reformation period? This is an opportunity for you to truly do you, to show what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about. Live your best life.

I’m gonna put it out there, it’s a waste of your third year if you don’t do a dissertation. You’ll come out of a degree with a bunch of average essays you only cared about scraping a 2:1 in, and nothing really to show for it. Your dissertation will be your trophy, your highest achieving child, and a demonstration that those two previous years actually amounted to something by the time you’re in your third.

Doing a dissertation will train your mind and encourage you to really work towards something, something with your, and only your, personal stamp on it. You wouldn’t do an artistic or fashion degree without leaving with a portfolio, so you shouldn’t do an arts degree without an eloquent 10,000 word essay, or a science degree without a meticulously thought out experiment.

First and second years, do a dissertation. Because you can.