All the best cheap dates in Liverpool

Including rollerblading and walls of genitals

Love is in the air, but times are hard. Yes, it’s a commercial farce, but love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is descending like the plague.

The best things in life are free (or cheap af) and in the words of the Beatles: money can’t buy you love. So in the spirit of love over lavishness, here are some of the cheapest and easiest ways to treat your prin or prince.

Get your game on at Sugar and Dice Board Game Café

Release your inner geek with a nostalgic board game session at Sugar and Dice Board Game Café. For just £2 an hour you can take your pick of hundreds of board games from all over the world. Nothing says ‘I want you’ like a game of Scrabble; especially if you use your tiles to spell out seductive messages.

Show them you care

Get competitive at Table Tennis or Beer Pong in Roxy Ball Room

Get the ball rolling with the perfect chance to show you’re good with your hands. And if the date isn’t going to plan, at least you can get drunk. £4.50 off-peak or £6 per half hour game.

ping pong ftw

Go climbing on a wall of genitals at The Climbing Hangar

Yes, you read that right. Originally launched in 2015 at the Museum of Sex in New York, Grope Mountain apparently ‘eroticises the physicality of climbing’. Many of the footholds are cast from the volunteers’ anatomies from the original show. If that doesn’t get them hot and bothered, each climber will also receive a complimentary love potion, whatever that is.

Get them hot and bothered

See the film everyone’s talking about at the Philharmonic Hall

No not 50 shades. Enjoy the Oscar nominated ‘La La Land’ in the beautiful Liverpool Philharmonic Hall; beats going to the L1 Odeon every time. Tickets priced between £8 -£12.

Have a picnic in Sefton Park

The date that’s old but gold. Pack up some ‘scran’ and a blanket and head to Sefton Park to enjoy Liverpool’s natural beauty. So it may be a little chilly, but that’s just more excuse to cuddle up with your date. Once you’ve finished grab a wannabe Boris bike and take a ride. Top tip: pack party rings and you’ll win their heart forever.

Can’t go wrong with Boris Bikes

Show off your roller skills at Hangar 34

Throwback Tuesday. Whether you’re a veritable sk8r boi or a roller virgin, take to the floor with your SO at the Disco of Love and you’ll be performing the dirty dancing lift before you know it. Starts at 6pm and ends at 12am. You’ll be like Cinderella, only in skates instead of glass slippers.

Visit the museums and take a wonder around the Albert Dock

Be cultured and visit the maritime museum, slavery museum and Tate Gallery, before taking a wonder around the Docks. This date says ‘I’m tight, but I’m inquisitive’ (or pretending to be). Free and educational, what’s not to love?

Liverpool is so pretty you can’t deny

Take a romantic stroll on the beach

The date that says ‘I’m unoriginal but I’m still romantic af’. There’s nothing like the roar of the waves as you stroll hand in hand along the shore. With Crosby boasting the iron men, and Formby the surrounding pine woods inhabited by red squirrels, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Formby beach

Enjoy panoramic views of the city from the top of the Anglican Cathedral 

What’s more romantic than exploring St James Garden before climbing to the top of the Anglican Cathedral and watching the sunset over the stunning Liverpool skyline?

Perfect views with your perfect person

So there you have it, a whole handful of cheap and fun dates right at your fingertips. You’ve got no excuse not to treat your other half now.