The University are trying to stop people from sleeping on campus

They’re confiscating sleeping bags and bedding

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Students from the School of the Arts received an email at 10:01am this morning reminding them that sleeping for “prolonged period on site” was not allowed on the university site.

The email, from technical services co-ordinator Stuey Carroll, stated that while “it is acceptable that someone might have a brief, 20 minute power nap at their desk or in one of the social areas’ it wasn’t acceptable to sleep for longer than that.

Apparently, a “number of incidents” has seen the out of hours policy  contravened with “bedding and sleeping bags” being found, and even times when members of staff have had to “wake up people who have been found fast asleep lying on a couch, chairs grouped together or on the floor”.

The email concluded by stating that any bedding found would be confiscated from the owner and that Campus Services have been asked to increase their surveillance of university buildings.


The email sent out to Arts students

Toby, a second year student, said: “The fact the University have the audacity to try to stop us from sleeping where we please is outrageous, we all have needs and occasionally a “20 minute power nap” won’t cut it. Sometimes, we need break up the long sessions in the Sydney Jones with a decent sleep. I whole heartedly support anyone bringing a sleeping bag to a study space, I can’t believe I haven’t tried it myself.”