This is where you could fly to from Liverpool for the cost of your train ticket home

Jet-setter, go-getter

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Stories of mysterious heroes offering to pay small fortunes for students to get home and friends managing to meet in Spain for less than a train fare seem to be all over our newsfeeds recently.  With this in mind, and with loans rapidly disappearing here is a handy guide to everywhere you get to for less than you’re going to spend on that train ticket home.

£58.45: Liverpool to London vs £59: Liverpool to Faro

A return ticket between Liverpool and London Euston booked a month in advance costs around £58.45. This could not only buy you 150+ cream eggs, but for 55p more you could also take a short break on the beaches of Faro, Portugal. The home of peri-peri chicken and port, you should take sunshine over Southend any day.

£26.50: Liverpool to Glasgow vs £28: Liverpool to Dublin

Going home to Glasgow? Why choose a train home when you can choose Dublin? Choose Guinness. Choose leprechauns and Irish pubs. Choose stumbling out of Krystle at 3am after bellowing Molly Malone for the 100th time. Choose guided tours of Trinity where the students pay less and live like wizards. Choose life. Choose Dublin.


£70: Liverpool to Bristol Parkway vs £69: Liverpool to Barcelona

Bristol or Barcelona? For £1 more hop on a plane to sunny Spain and avoid the rain. Top up your tan and save on sun beds. By the time you’re home you’ll be competing with the locals for most bronzed babe, although difference is that yours was free.

Clifton or Sagrada?

£48: Liverpool to Cardiff vs £50.98: Liverpool to Madrid 

Why would you go to Cardiff when for just 298 more pennies you could fly to Madrid? Take in the culture of España’s capital city while sipping sangria and enjoying highs of 25°C.

£48: Liverpool to Brighton vs £44.98: Liverpool to Belfast

To get from Liverpool to Brighton and back is in fact more expensive than a return flight to Belfast. The birthplace of Titanic will have you singing in no time, because Belfast believes that the heart does go on

Don’t let go Rose

£41.80: Liverpool to Newcastle vs £40.41: Liverpool to Berlin

Going home to the Toon costs a whole £1.39 more than a flight to Berlin, capital city of Deutschland. That’s about half a stein on top of your flight. No-brainer really.

£48: Liverpool to Luton vs £43.98: Liverpool to Amsterdam

Original 420. Hit the Netherlands for less and take a pass on Luton. Be that cultural douche-bag who ‘really appreciates the architecture and sense of community in Amsterdam’, failing to mention to mum the ounce of hash you smoked yourself silly on all weekend.

£51.80: Liverpool to Durham vs £54.98: Liverpool to Lisbon

As an alternative to Faro, anyone traveling home to Durham can hop on a plane to Lisbon and can enjoy sights including the Belem tower and the Jeronimos monastery.

£85.20: Liverpool to Bath Spa vs £39.98: Liverpool to Pisa, Italy

Be a tourist and get a snap of you tragically pretending to hold up the leaning tower. Who needs bath houses when you have pizza, gelato and spaghetti coming out your ears? They don’t call it Eat-aly for nothing.

What are you waiting for? Sack off that trip home for Easter and ride the 86 right to John Lennon where your flight awaits.