There’s a new study area in the SJ!

It’s hidden away

A new social study area has been opened in the basement of the Sydney Jones Library. The library have set up signs leading to the new area so it is easy for students to find.

The new area includes 44 new computers, writing desks, TVs and comfortable chairs.

This comes after weeks of the basement stairs being cordoned off by barriers and tape.

The library Twitter account has posted about the big reveal:

The library twitter also pointed out that there would be brand new toilets down there.

Connie, a second year German and Music student said:

It’s about time we got some more space. It’s always such a pain in exam season. It’s nice to know my money’s going towards things like that – things we actually really need.”

The Library also tweeted that there would be a new study area coming to the Harold Cohen too, but who really goes there?

Side note: the new study area is only for third years. (We’re joking – it isn’t, but it should be)