Clubbers of the week

“It’s only week one they aren’t even real lectures”

Stunners of the week

Lurker of the week

is that…the same guy?

When Dad loses the map and phrasebook and you’re lost somewhere on the Spanish coast and you finally find a bar and he orders his third cerveza of the morning and you’re beginning to think this family holiday was a terrible idea

Biggest Red Stripe Fan of the week

Clubber most likely to have just seen his mate do something he definitely should not have been doing

Birthday Girls of the week

Balloons provided

When you’re so ready to make America great again you take it to Heebies basement 

“Lads, point at your most drunk friend”

Clubbers most likely to be keeping the VK market in Liverpool alive

Girl Gang of the week

Really small man or really big Grey Goose?

Creps of the week

Classic Lonsdale

When post-work drinks ends up in the club

Ainsley Harriott of the week

when you REALLY love cous cous

When they promised he’d bring a mate for you