Rankin residents paid more damages than any other hall in 2016

The university fined students a total of £17,760

More than 760 University of Liverpool students were fined for damage in their halls in the academic year of 2015-16.

Fines were given for broken chairs and damaged mattresses, chewing gum stuck to things, or the room being generally dirty, from rubbish or smoking habits.

Rankin Hall had the largest bill of any halls, with the average student losing almost £20 each of their £150 deposit at the hall in the Carnatic Student Village.

The overall bill for the university’s students came to £17,760, including £5,380 for Rankin Hall students, £4,230 for Crown Place and just under £2,000 for McNair Hall and  for Roscoe and Gladstone. Melville Grove students lost just £25.

Most deductions across the university were fairly small with an average of £10, though dozens of students lost more than £50.

Ciaran, a student who previously lived in Rankin Hall told the Tab:

I’m not at all surprised that Rankin received the most fines. It was the most recent renovation in Carnatic so any so-called ‘damages’ to the rooms were going to be fined, therefore they will make any excuse to rinse money out of you. I was lucky in Rankin not to have any fines, maybe that was because I left it in the same disgusting mess I found it in.”

At Liverpool Hope, the damage came from slightly less students, with around 650 students losing some of their deposits. However, students paid out several thousand pounds more than Liverpool University students, at a total of £15,940.

The Hope figures for individual halls also include money deducted for unpaid student debts, as well as mess or damage.

Teresa had the highest amount taken off, with students losing £4,260. St Michaels Hall students lost £3,070 and St Julies Hall lost £2,590, while St Elphin, St Agnes and St Margaret’s halls paid out less than £300.

John Moores University do not manage any student halls directly.