Vote Now: Best Dressed of Autumn Term

Make a fashionista feel better after getting their essay grades back

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The semester seems to have passed before you’d even really had a chance to get your feet on the ground, and the next two months will be full of exam prep and stress. Amongst the chaos of the last 12 weeks, you’ve religiously voted for your best dressed student every week-  from those braving the cold in crop tops and culottes, to those (more sensible) students wrapping up in sheepskin and faux fur against the chilly Liverpudlian weather. Here are the best of the bunch- vote for your best dressed king or queen below.

Mwale – 139 votes


Mwale has it all going on with her trendy, glamorous look. She puts the average student’s ensemble of a worn-out hoodie and jeans to shame with her elegant coat and shoes. Let’s face it, she looks like she has her shit together- this girl is going far in the world.


Guy, International Business – 321 votesguy

Guy’s cheeky smile won our hearts with his trendy jock look. His vintage-esque baseball jacket is a clear winner, making him stand out from the crowd. Guy should definitely get the credit he deserves for most unusual accessory (is Domino’s merch all the range for 2017?)

Chanda, Law and English – 149 Voteschanda

Chanda’s vintage schoolgirl vibes are very on trend, with her white knee high socks giving her ensemble the perfect edge over the competition. Her radiant smile and burnt orange shirt remind us of happier times (summer obviously), and we love the divergence from the usual looks we see time again on campus.
B – Law, 246 votes


It’s clear to see why B got as many votes as she did. Her dungarees are seldom seen on campus, but are the perfect item of clothing for the colder climate. Her outfit has just the right amount of gingham detailing, and her white polo is a staple for students right now. It’s clear that she has thought out this outfit down to the last detail.

Halloween Special: Olivia, third year Psychology, and Georgia, third year Business as “The Death of the Great British Bake Off” – 340 votes


When it comes to Halloween outfits, these girls knew how to pull of a winning combo. Whilst still fresh from mourning the loss of GBBO,  Olivia and Georgia showed us that we can find humour in even the darkest of moments. We salute you, beacons of hope.

Rory, History – 245 votes


Rory’s grunge look is the perfect look for the winter. The varying dark shades of his outfit work well against the equally gloomy skyline, yet his clever mix of a casual hoody and smarter coat and shoes make this look the perfect ensemble. Rory looks totally unphased by being scouted outside the SJ, and we only wish we could be just as chill about all the work we have to do over the next month.

Vote for your favourite below: