BREAKING: Van on fire in Smithdown backalley

Residents heard an explosion

A van in the back alley that runs parallel to Smithdown Road between Ferndale and Brookdale Road was on fire at around 19:30 this evening.

The surrounding roads were overwhelmed with the smell of smoke. There have been no reports of injuries or deaths at the time of writing.

Photo: Sam Ward

Ferndale resident University of Liverpool Psychology student Harrison told us, “There was just a van, apparently someone was saying it was in this area for a while. My housemate screamed at me, ‘there’s a fire!’, after we heard the bang. There was people shouting and explosions and stuff coming off the car, then he said there’s a fire so I thought, ‘shit, what’ve I left in the kitchen’ and then I went into the back garden and saw the fire.

“What I cant work out is why one, someone would drive a van down there and two, set fire to the bloody thing.”

Nearby residents told The Tab, “Someone’s blown up a van, the fire brigade have already been though. Someone was shot on Lawrence Road earlier today too.”

A police woman who arrived at the scene told The Tab, “I’ve got no idea what’s gone on.”


This article will be updated as more information becomes available.