Clubbers of the week: end of exams edition

Look at you all, so fit and revision free

clubbers of the week liverpool night out

Stunners of the week

Clubber who’s just realised this is a really cheap way to build up his portfolio

“Stone Island will love this”

BFFS of the week

When the DJ drops Get Low, you get low

Clubber who definitely got dragged out by her housemates despite having an exam in two days

You’ll be okay hun

Things we need to leave in 2016:

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again

Who has two drinks and no exams? This guy

Clubber most likely to be playing with his invisible marionette

Name a more iconic trio

Clubber most likely to have just spotted tonight’s target on the second floor

  When you realise Liverpool nightlife is the gift the keeps on giving