Who is the Scouse hero who paid £159 for a student’s train ticket?

Grace Georgina lost her return ticket before travelling back to Liverpool from Euston

We all hate paying for train tickets, let alone losing them. So when Grace, a fourth year at JMU was caught short at Euston yesterday morning this Scousers’ hugely generous act made her day.

Pharmacy student Grace told The Tab: “I travelled down to London for a pre-registration pharmacist interview and spent the night with family. Despite a lot of preparation I didn’t think the interview went too well. I had a health scare the night before and it was a pretty miserable 24 hours. I left for London Euston early to get my train at 8am to make it up to university for an important workshop in time.

“Somehow, I ended up with all journeys and receipts in my purse apart from the open return I needed back to Liverpool. I panicked as I was set to be late and asked general information staff at Euston and a Virgin cashier who both refused, even with proof of ID, the Trainline booking screenshot, email confirmation and orange collection receipt to let me reprint my ticket.

“I stood texting my brother on the platform through silent tears of frustration when a man walking by stopped his mate, came up to me and said ‘Hey, you look upset, what’s wrong?’ I explained what had happened and he shook his head, and told me it’s no bother, he’d sort me out another ticket. I point blank refused several times as it was my own fault misplacing the ticket, and this guy was a complete stranger.

“He was about 30 years old, lovely strong Scouse accent, white, brown haired, kind faced, wearing a regular shirt, coat, and trousers, and carrying a work satchel. He then calmly insisted and said no really, and walked me to the desk as his mate held my suitcase. I ordered the new single, physically winced at the £159.00 but he just put his card in and paid. I then welled up again and gave him a massive hug before he walked away, and I ran to make the next train to Lime Street.

“I was so distressed at the time that I didn’t even ask his name but I would love to know who this person is – anyone who fits that description who could have been at London Euston this morning both I, and my parents, would like his contact details! I am completely and utterly overwhelmed by the compassion shown by this person from Liverpool. I wouldn’t expect anyone at all, never mind a total stranger to help out like that”

Response to her tweet was overwhelmingly positive, with people praising the kindness of Liverpudlians.

Grace, who is 21 and from London is now desperate to find the man who helped her. If you can help contact us on Facebook or email us at [email protected].