It’s set to snow in Liverpool this week

Can I park a sledge outside the SJ?

According to the Met Office snow is due on Merseyside this Thursday and Friday.

The yellow warning issued by the Chief Forecaster says: “A cold airstream will be in place by Thursday afternoon, bringing occasional snow showers. 2-5cm of snow is possible, with 10 cm possible above about 300m.”


The earlier half of the week will see heavy downpours which should clear by Wednesday to welcome a cold front. Snow is due across much of the UK but is set to be “heaviest and most frequent” in the North West.

Zoe Richardson, a second year psychology student is concerned about the impact this could have on her cramming sessions in the library: “Personally I’m slightly worried it’ll stop me getting to the SJ this week. I don’t really fancy the trek from Smithdown in the snow either. I suppose it’ll look pretty though.”