Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to be screened with a live orchestra

Cue the muggle jokes

concert Echo Echo Arena harry potter orchestra philosopher's stone screening

Cult-classic Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is getting a screening in the Echo Arena, with a full orchestra playing along live with the film.

Revel in Hagrid’s vast glory, gasp at the just passable special effects, absorb the acoustic finesse of the orchestra plucking and swooning along to the well-known score. Our three heroes’ first year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is sure to be dazzling in full, giant HD – just don’t be surprised if you come away craving an eight-film binge session afterwards. That essay can take a backseat.

Grace, a third year History student told The Tab: “Although this is a cool idea, the Philosopher’s Stone is absolute shite. I wish they’d have done The Goblet of Fire. I’m glad the Harry Potter society finally have something to attend though.”

The event is being held on the 18th May, with tickets starting from £28. Tickets are available for purchase from the Echo Arena site now.