#savekitchenstreet: What you can do to help

The Tab Liverpool stands with 24 Kitchen Street in trying to save our city’s culture

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Yesterday, 24 Kitchen Street announced that Songbird property developers had applied for planning permission to build flats in the Baltic Triangle, which could potentially damage the functioning of the venue. The owners of the music venue, in a desperate Facebook post plea, said that they were trying to stop the plans going through, calling the development a “looming disaster” for the independent business.

The Tab Liverpool has been in contact with 24 Kitchen Street and is starting the campaign #savekitchenstreet to encourage people to do something productive to save independent venues in Liverpool. After the closure of The Kazimier last year, yesterday marked a worrying low for the future of Liverpool’s nightlife. We want to do something about it.

[Photo credit: Samantha Milligan Photography]

[Photo credit: Samantha Milligan Photography]

24 Kitchen Street told The Tab that people should tweet (using the hashtags #savekitchenstreet and #saveourculture) the council (@lpoolcouncil) and our local councillors, asking them to #savekitchenstreet.

The councillors you should contact are Steve Mumby ([email protected]), Hetty Wood (@hettywood[email protected]), and Michelle Corrigan (@m_corrigan[email protected]). They also suggested people email the hearing chair John McIntosh ([email protected]).

24 Kitchen Street told The Tab: “We’re not against the development, however we don’t think they’ve properly factored in the noise generated by our legally permitted use as an established live events space and club. We want the developers to put in place the provisions to mitigate against potential complaints down the line, by acoustically insulating the flats to the necessary level.

“It feels as though the planning dept is under pressure to railroad this through, and that our concerns are in danger of being overlooked. They’re rushing the application through the development process, and we’ve been systematically cut out of the consultation process.”


Artists, DJs and event organisers are also concerned. Andrew Hill, founder of Abandon Silence, said: “24 Kitchen Street is one of Liverpool’s finest venues, giving light to acts and audiences that otherwise would not have a home in the city. We should com together as one to show property developers, the council and everyone else hiding in the dark that these places are vitally important to our city.”

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Nic and Sean, the duo behind Shit Indie Disco, said: Kitchen Street is very close to our heart. It’s the first venue that gave us a chance to run a night with a name as stupid as ours and we’ve fallen in love with the place. 

“We think it’s unlike anywhere else in town. Anyone who’s been there can testify to the atmosphere of the place – it’s intimate without being small. Just a perfect venue. After the closure of the Kaz, Liverpool simply can’t afford to lose another much-loved venue, especially one that showcases such a vast array of cultural shows.”

Nic and Sean also suggested that the campaign to save Kitchen Street was a project that Steve Rotheram (@steve4lcrmayor) could get behind as he prepares to fight for the city region mayoral election in 2017: “Sadiq Khan fought on behalf of Fabric because he understood the importance of clubs to a city and all that they can give back. If Steve can do the same, it would hopefully show everyone that he cares about the things that actually make this city great and not more fucking flats.”

Get tweeting, Liverpool.