Get your glam on: How to work Christmas fashion

Whoever said red and green should never be seen?

We’re halfway through December, the month in which Santa hats, reindeer headbands and the one and only Christmas jumper are bought out make their annual debut. However, walking around in a snowman-jumper may not be everyone’s cup of tea, meaning remaining festive and fashionable can be considered quite a challenge. Here are a few are a few simple tricks to striking out a glam Christmas get-up.

Red Lips

Red lips are an ultimate YES during the Christmas season, (and any other time of the year to be quite honest). You can make it work with pretty much any style, meaning there is no excuse not to apply, especially at the most wonderful time of the year! Nothing screams strong, sexy and of course, Santa like a dash of red lipstick. And hey, why not colour coordinate it with a fresh set of red nails!

The Iconic Green Sparkly Dress

Effortless, simple and SO easy, yet the dress has to power to define love at first sight. For starters, the sparkles are divine, undermining any other dress on the high street. Paired with a simple pair of strappy heels, this simple slip-style dress is a Christmas Dinner winner. The colour is a must if you want to conform to the festive theme, and what better to compliment it but a dash of red lippy; who even said red and green should never be seen?


Although nobody wants to be *that* person who struts round campus looking like a fairy at first, it seems sparkly attire has become undeniably fabulous! No matter how reluctant your flatmates are to join you in your funky festive apparel, it seems no one can resist the glitter-crazy fad that’s going around this season. Floating around the Liverpool bars in a sparkly dress, you’re the queen of festive fash, and what the hell, three shots later let’s chuck on the reindeer ears! Regarding makeup, it turns out shimmer is more chic than originally thought. Sussed by the ladies of 2016 who have bought on the highlight-crazy-phase, it is now acceptable to highlight your cheekbones to the max! Christmas time calls for over-the-top everything, meaning yes, you can get away with sticking stars on your face. Don’t hold back!


Big Woolly Jumpers

So the temperature has dropped to an unreasonable level of freezing but do not fret. Good things come with winter, one of which is a big woolly jumper in which you can hibernate, specifically hiding the coursework-deadline-induced designer bags that hang under your eyes. Nothing beats being snug outside in the freezing cold with your black forest gateau hot choc from the Starbucks on campus as you take your romantic stroll along Liverpool docks with your December date, or – let’s be honest- with your flat mates.

Last but not least… the Fur Coat

Nothing says classy like a fur coat, and paired with your red lippy and sparkly dress – BAM you are basically a contemporary 1920’s movie star. With a vast range of vintage and high street faux fur numbers available right now, there’s no reason why you can’t be a showstopper with such a statement piece.


So yes, there is more to fab festive clothing than the same Mark Darcy Christmas jumper at every family event over the season holidays, so get out there and find your glam get-up!