Juicy appears to have mysteriously ended

Why did it ever leave the Shipping Forecast?

Juicy, one of the most popular club nights amongst students in Liverpool, appears to have ended its stay night at The Merchant. In the last few weeks, clubbers who have turned up at the night’s new venue have been disappointed to discover it is no longer on. This follows the club night’s controversial move from The Shipping Forecast on Slater Street to The Merchant on Parr Street.

An anonymous employee who works at the the venue, the Merchant, confirmed that the night has finished but they do not know why. The Tab have contacted the club night but have received no response yet to why the night appears to have disappeared. Their last Facebook post advertising the event was almost a month ago, on the 2nd of November.

Kyle, second year Economics student expressed his disappointment, “Life’s just not the same without juicy. Where else am I supposed to bump and/or grind?”

Jane, third year Maths student added, “RIP. To be honest its just never been the same since it left the Shipping Forecast, I hope they move back!”