There’s no such thing as a bad time for a christmas jumper

It’s a jumper, and I can wear a jumper whenever I want – get over it

Christmas festive jumpers liverpool xmas

It’s now November and everyone is almost definitely asking themselves that all important question – ‘can I start wearing my Christmas jumper yet?’. Clearly it’s getting cold enough and dark enough to recognise that the season to be jolly is approaching us rapidly, but is it still too early?

Personally, I have been wearing my Christmas jumper all year round; it’s a jumper and it’s warm and it’s comforting, but it does get you funny looks when you wear it in the middle of June. Ironically though, when it’s -5° C outside and it’s apparently acceptable to wear next to nothing because you’re going clubbing, you can hardly see why wearing a Christmas jumper in Summer is unacceptable. What happened to being cosy?

Because, after all, there is nothing warmer and more comfortable than a jumper, especially when the clocks have gone back and the weather is starting to become a little bit more unpredictable than usual. If we went by this logic it would be perfectly fine to wear a Christmas jumper in October. But people still seem to disagree – apparently that’s still not the season for it.

Yet, it is almost always perfectly fine to wear a normal jumper anytime of the year, even when it’s just a ‘tad’ chilly. Why do jumpers decorated with a Christmas pudding or some sort of not-very-funny slogan about jingle bells become suddenly offensive if it’s not being worn in December? It’s a jumper, why should anyone care?!

It’s understandable about Christmas trees and stockings and Christmas crackers having a specific season. And yes, Christmas jumpers are designed for Christmas but they serve a purpose that’s not tailored just for Christmas. They’re made to be warm and a little bit ugly. And with so many truly awful fashion combinations being allowed to grace the streets of Liverpool at any time of the year, is it hardly fair to criticise someone for wearing (probably) a slightly more fashionable jumper (even though it does have a snowman on it).

Understandably, it’d be seen as odd to wear a Christmas jumper when you’re boiling or when it’s sunny or when you’re on the beach or somewhere where it’s almost definitely too inappropriate to wear a jumper altogether, but in any other situation it is most certainly fine. If you want to wear it, then wear it. Equally, if you don’t want to, then don’t wear it.

But never ever criticise anyone for wearing a Christmas jumper, even if it is March. It’s just a jumper, chill out.