The top three most burgled streets in Merseyside are all off Smithdown

It’s not great news if you live on Langton or Borrowdale


Langton Road  has taken the crown as the most burgled street in the whole of Merseyside, with 25 burglaries between July 2015 and June 2016. Borrowdale and Garmoyle finished the top three with 20 and 19 burglaries respectively.

It’s no surprise that Borrowdale, once dubbed the most dangerous road to live on in Smithdown, is high up on the list, but using data from the Echo we can now see how the rest of Liverpool compares.

L15 – Brookhouse end

Over half of the 36 burglaries here took place on Borrowdale, with a fairly even spreading across the rest of the roads off Smithdown.



L15 – Asda end

While student favourite Smithdown is much loved by its inhabitants, burglaries on properties toward this end of the road are rife, most notably along Garmoyle and Brookdale.

asda end


L8 – Georgian Quarter

While many shun living in town it certainly is safer. There were half the amount of burglaries in the Georgian Quarter than the far end of Smithdown Road, however, most of these were around Falkner Square, an area which is largely student housing.



L7 – Kensington 

An often forgotten about part of Liverpool, Kensington was the fourth most burgled part of Merseyside. Year on year the amount of burglaries has doubled.



English and Communications finalist Marisa lives on Borrowdale: “I can’t believe there’s been so many burglaries on my road, it’s pretty quiet. The fact that all the Smithdown post codes have such high burglary rates just underlines the fact that landlords rob us of our rent and don’t even try to protect us.

“No wonder all the freshers want to live in town these days. Smithdown’s student culture is gonna die soon if these landlords don’t fix up.”

To check the burglary levels for your postcode, head over to the Echo.